TFORMer Designer Label and Form Templates

TFORMer Designer ships with ready-to-use label and form layouts for compliance labeling and industry reporting. Label design efforts are eliminated for most automotive, transport, logistic and medical applications like AIAG, VDA, ODETTE, GS1, ISBT.

ready-made label

Ready-to-use Reports, Tables, Lists and Labels

The predefined layouts listed below (AIAG, VDA, GM, GTL, Odette, GS1 and many more) are delivered with TFORMer. These templates use standard layouts with standard size, border and page format settings.

Adhesive Labels

Formats of leading adhesive label manufacturers (Avery®, Herma®, LTO®, Zweckform®) are also available. To use a specific adhesive label, choose the desired template using the label number, design the layout as you wish and start printing.

Self-Made Templates

Of course you can create your own template too. If you have any special requests, please contact us!

Templates for AIAG, VDA, Galia, GM, GTL, Odette, BeloM, Ames-T

The following predefined standard forms used in the automotive industry are included.

AIAG Labels (Automotive Industry Action Group)
AIAG B3AIAG Shipping Parts Identification Label
AIAG B5AIAG Primary Metal Identification Tag
AIAG B10AIAG Automotive Mixed Shipping Label
AIAG B10AIAG Automotive Master Shipping Label
AIAG B10AIAG Standard for Freightliner
AIAG B10AIAG Freightliner Standard
AIAG B10AIAG Master Standard for Freightliner
AIAG B10AIAG MixedLoad Standard for Freightliner
VDA Labels (German Automotive Industry)
VDA 4902 DEVDA Transport Label Version 4, Deutsch
VDA 4902 ENVDA Transport Label Version 4, English
VDA 4902 POVDA Transport Label Version 4, Portugal
VDA 4902 KLTVDA Label for Small Parts, Small Charge Carrier
VDA 4902 StahlVDA Label for Steel Supplies
VDA 4902 BeloM BMWBMW belegoptimierter Materialfluß
VDA 4902 KLT BeloM BMW      For Small Parts - BMW Belegoptimierter Materialfluß
VDA 4906VDA Invoice - DIN 4991
VDA 4922VDA Speditionsauftrag
VDA 4931VDA Verpackungsdatenblatt
VDA 4939VDA Sendungsbeleg, Sendungs-Masterblatt
VDA 4939VDA Transportbeleg, Transport-Masterblatt
VDA 4994VDA Delivery Note - DIN 4994
Galia Labels (Automotive Industry)
GaliaStandard Label
Galia License PlateStandard Label
Galia RenaultGalia Label for Renault L3P
General Motors Labels (Automotive Industry)
GM 1724 ALabel for Individual Containers
GM 1724 A KLTSmall Label for Individual Containers
GM 1724 BLabel for Master Containers
GM 1724 CLabel for Mixed Load Containers
GTL Labels (Global Transport Labels)
GM GTLGeneral Motors Global Transport Label
GM GTL KLTGeneral Motors Global Transport Label KLT
GTL BeloMGlobal Transport Label, BeloM
GTL BeloM A6Global Transport Label, BeloM, A6 Format
GTL BeloM KLTGTL for small charge carriers
GTL Master DetailGlobal Transport Label, Master Details
GTL Mixed DetailGlobal Transport Label, Mixed Load Details
Odette Labels (Automotive Industry)
OdetteOdette Transport Label, based on VDA
Siemens Labels (Automotive Industry)
Siemens VDOSiemens Transport Label, based on VDO

Logistic and Transport Labels for Austrian Post, DHL, GS1, TNT, UPS, FedEx, ...

The following predefined standard forms used in transportation and logistic applications are included.

DHLDHL Businesspaket International
DHLDHL Domestic Shipping
DHLDHL Euro Connect
DHLDHL EuroPack ohne Services
DHLDHL Europack National - Beleghafte Nachnahme
DHLDHL Europack National - Beleglose Nachnahme Postbox
DHLDHL Europack National - Service Postbox Tausch
DHLDHL Europack National - Service Unfrei
DHLDHL Europack National - Service XXL
DHLDHL Euro Plus - Service Nachnahme
DHLDHL Express Paket
DHLDHL Office Pack
DPDDPD (= Deutscher Paket Dienst) Parcel Label
GS1 Logistic Labels®
GS1GS1 Non-standard heterogeneous logistic units
GS1GS1 Non-standard homogeneous - Fixed measure trade items
GS1GS1 Non-standard homogeneous logistic units - Variable measure trade items
GS1GS1 Standard heterogeneous logistic units
GS1GS1 Standard homogeneous logistic units - One piece on the logistic unit
GS1GS1 Standard homogeneous logistic units - Fixed measure trade items
GS1GS1 Standard homogeneous logistic units - Variable measure trade items
Austrian Postal Services, Logistic Labels
PostPaketlabel Hochformat
PostPaketlabel Hochformat EMS
PostPaketlabel Hochformat Kleinpaket
PostPaketlabel Hochformat Pickup
PostPaketlabel Hochformat Unfrei
PostPaketlabel Querformat
PostPaketlabel Querformat EMS
PostPaketlabel Querformat Kleinpaket
PostPaketlabel Querformat Pickup
PostPaketlabel Querformat Unfrei
TNTTNT Address Label Template
TNTTNT Label Template
TNTTNT Innight Standard
TNTTNT Innight Standard NetLink
TNTTNT Innight Standard Retour
UPSUPS 2nd Day Air®
UPSUPS Express Plus COD EU
UPSUPS Standard EU
HintTemplates for UPS® shipping labels are only available to authorized UPS customers. The authorization is solely a matter of UPS®! TEC-IT is glad to support you designing these labels.
FedExShipping Label (Shipment Label)
FedEx ManifestVISA Manifest Report
Forms for the EU Customs
ZollformularAntrag auf Ausstellung einer Warenverkehrsbescheinigung
ZollformularExemplar für das Versendungs-/Ausfuhrland
ZollformularExemplar für die Statistik - Versendungs-/Ausfuhrland
ZollformularAusfuhranmeldung für den Versender/Ausführer
ZollformularEuropäische Union - Ursprungszeugnis
ZollformularUrsprungszeugnis (Durchschrift)
IntermecMH 10
Air Way BillAir Way Bill
Bring Parcels TransportBring Parcels AB Transport Label (Version 20101101)
Coliposte ColissimoLa Poste Coliposte COLISSIMO EXPERT F (8V) Label (V0611-2)
Parcelforce DomesticParcelforce Worldwide Domestic Label UK (v1.0.0)

Templates for ISBT

The following predefined standard forms used in medical applications are included.

ISBT 128ISBT 128 Standard Label

Are your templates not listed here?

TEC-IT implements standardized forms of general interest free of charge. Just send us your specification. For more details, please contact us!