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Overview of completed and ongoing projects of our company.

The developers of TEC-IT are available for custom software solutions on request. Our services cover the entire IT-landscape ranging from system-related software for data collection and device communication to enterprise printing solutions and cloud applications. Customers with individual project requirements benefit from our accumulated know-how and experience in planning, developing and supporting standard software products.

Mobile App for Picking

Mobile Picking App

As part of this project for a biopharmaceutical company located in Vienna, TEC-IT developed an Android app with SQL server backend for picking production materials and optimization of logistics processes.

An enthusiastic customer:
'Thank you very much for your great cooperation! It was a pleasure to be guided so well and always feel my ideas are seized at once. I’m especially impressed by the elegant SQL scripts.'

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Enterprise Output Solution

TFORMer Server, an industrial-suited output solution by TEC-IT, is being internationally used by Trierenberg-Holding and Delfort Group ( for reliable product labeling.

We are especially proud that Delfort Group has been among our customers for over 20 years.

Logo Lederer GmbH

Generating Internationally Uniform Labels

To avoid wrong or incorrect labeling of vendor parts, Lederer GmbH from Ennepetal, Germany, provides its suppliers with a cloud solution for creation of internationally uniform product labels.

All the resources required for form generation are provided by TEC-IT. The web-portal of Lederer GmbH sends only label creation requests to the system. The desired labels are immediately available to the suppliers in PDF format for further use.

PDF Generator Online Service

Generating Industrial Labels Online

Franz Habisreutinger GmbH & Co.KG (Weingarten, Germany) uses TFORMer to create labels complying with the 'Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. Frankfurt' guidelines.

Using the Online Label Generator, Habisreutinger GmbH has the possibility to generate the forms created with TFORMer Designer (including barcodes) as PDF. An additional software installation is not necessary.

GALIA Voucher Printing

Centralized Printing of GALIA Barcode Labels

Gentex is a manufacturer of intelligent automotive and fire protection products and is a significant supplier for the PSA group. The product range of Gentex includes auto-dimming rear view mirrors, mini-cameras for High Beam Control, microphones for speech recognition and hands-free communication, intelligent smoke detectors and signaling equipment for commercial fire protection branches.

TFORMer Server is used to print GALIA industry compliant labels for supplies to PSA. The simple form adaption for meeting customer demands is of particular importance for Gentex GmbH.

Label and Reporting Server

Label Printing and Reporting Server

Vanderlande delivers automated logistics systems for compilation and sorting of order in distribution centers. Besides, it offers solutions for luggage transport (airports) and manufacturing industry (storage).

TFORMer Server is used directly by the Vanderlande's end customers. TFORMer Server handles a variety of printing tasks, such as printing of shipping documents (packing lists, pallet labels, incoming/outgoing documents, delivery notes, etc.).

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Automated Acquisition of Vital Data

Individually developed data acquisition software, ensuring automated transmission and processing of Hepatitis and HIV tests data, finds its application in the laboratory of Upper Austria Red Cross Blood Bank.

This data acquisition solution for OLYMPUS®, AxSYM® and SYSMEX® devices is just one of several applications implemented by TEC-IT for this blood bank.

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Optimizing Delivery Quality

For packaging control, Wittur GmbH (Scheibbs, Austria) utilizes a software system developed by TEC-IT (handheld, Wi-Fi, backend). With this solution, the number of wrong or incorrect deliveries has been significantly reduced, thus resulting in measurable improvement of customer satisfaction.

BMW Group - Activity Planning for Teams

Online Task Planning for Teams

Plantivity, a web application developed by TEC-IT, optimizes activity planning and management in distributed work groups. BMW Group provides its employees and suppliers with this application as part of the B2B-Portal.

BMW Motoren Steyr GmbH - Production-Related Applications

Applications for Automotive Industry

TEC-IT develops and supports a wide range of applications for BMW Motoren Steyr GmbH. These mainly include database systems (ORACLE as backend, MS Access or web-applications as front-end). Within the scope of services, there are also production-related applications, for instance, solutions for mobile data acquisition.

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Optimizing Information Flow

Hitachi High Technologies Europe GmbH (Krefeld, Germany) was optimizing the information flow for the supply chain. To accomplish this, TEC-IT implemented a solution allowing to automatically convert SAP documents to PDF files, add barcodes to the latter and send them via email. Integration into SAP® R/3® was also a part of this project.

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2D-Barcodes Accelerate Tax Returns in the USA

Online Taxes Inc., the leading online tax preparation company of the US, reverts to TEC-IT's know-how and 2D barcodes.

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Smart Barcode Solution for SAP

Siemens Energy and Automation (Georgia, the USA) is using TBarCode/Direct, TEC-IT’s software barcode solution for SAP® R/3®, to print bar-coded documents on Postscript printers across the enterprise.

Barcode Labels for Automobile Industry

Printing Product Labels for Automotive Industry

TEC-IT implemented a printing system of user-definable labels and forms used for identifying the products (BMW engines) during assembly. The system is employed in the engine plants BMW Steyr and BMW Munich. It allows printing on various thermal transfer printers, laser printers, and special industrial printers.

Since a failure of the printing system would result in a production loss, the developed solution had to meet special requirements, namely very high system stability and robustness.

Borland Software Corporation

C ++ Development for Borland Software Corporation

TEC-IT has been supplying software development services for the product SilkPerformer (load-testing of web- and database-applications) for years. This is, specifically, software assistance in graphical processing of the load-tests results. To learn more about the product and our work, take a look at this sample load-test report.

Originally, TEC-IT worked for the US-based company Segue Software Inc. This company was later on acquired by the Borland Software Corporation. The Borland Software Corporation has now been integrated into the listed company Micro Focus.

Tann Paper Industry

Custom Product Labeling

The world market leader in the development and production of cigarette filter paper (thin paper) has special requirements to barcode quality. They are successfully covered by TFORMer Server. User-definable labels and forms include barcodes, the parameters of each barcode (e.g. module width, print ratio, check digits, etc.) can be adjusted according to application cases or customer requirements. Printing is carried out on continuous laser printers, the barcodes are generated by TFORMer Server. The solution doesn't require any barcode printers.