Web Development

TEC-IT implements tailor-made dynamic web-solutions.

As an example: TEC-IT.COM was written in C# (ASP.NET). The content is stored in a database and is transformed into HTML by using XSLT. In the past custom solutions were also implemented using Java (J2EE, BEA WebLogic Application Server Cluster).

Online Barcode Generator icon

Online Barcode Generator

Create Barcodes Online

Use this online barcode generator web-service to create barcodes directly with the browser or embed the barcode service into third party web applications.

The bar codes are generated via simple HTTPS GET or POST requests. You receive the barcode raster or vector images as HTTPS data stream in the required format (GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG). This is done completely online, additional software on your web server is not required.

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Online Label Generator icon

Online Label Generator

Create Labels Online

Generate arbitrary PDF documents or barcode labels without any additional software with TEC-IT's Online Label Generator.

The request to generate a high-quality PDF document is sent via HTTP or HTTPS to the PDF generator web-service. Using TFORMer Designer the document layout is designed graphically by the user. Barcodes can be embedded into the PDF documents as required.

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