Inventory Control & Stocktaking App for Android

Use this app for mobile stocktaking and inventory control. Rapid Inventory provides smooth and easy operation optimized for smartphones and tablets. The support of external Bluetooth scanners outlines this app especially for business and industrial application areas.

Discontinued product: The software development for Rapid Inventory has been discontinued. Updates, bug fixes and support are no longer available. Nevertheless, Rapid Inventory licenses can still be purchased without any claim for support.

Rapid Inventory or Stock Management for Android Smartphone or Tablet

Versatile Tool

Create, manage and control your item stock lists, scroll of articles, part lists, equipment serial numbers, physical or fixed assets, CD and DVD collections, etc.

Integrated Barcode Scanner

The built-in barcode scanner and the integrated support for industry-grade Bluetooth scanners allow you to manage item data in no time at all.

Data Exchange

The integrated data exchange functions allow you to import existing stock lists or to use the collected data for further processing.

Data Import / Export

Data import and data export can be performed using CSV files, XML files or by the means of Google Docs (Google online spreadsheets).

Rapid Inventory - Features

  • Simple and Fast Design
    The user interface was designed for simple and fast operation. A complete inventory is created in just a few minutes from scratch.
  • Quick Stock Quantity Update
    Increment or decrement stock quantities by just one click.
  • Searchable Item List
    The item list can be displayed by ID or by description. Items are searched automatically for a complete or partial match whenever the user enters text or scans a barcode.
  • Data Import and Data Export
    Data import and data export from/to CSV files (e.g. created with Microsoft Excel), XML files and Google Drive spreadsheets is supported.
  • Built-in Camera Barcode Scanner
    The built-in camera barcode scanner (by ZXing) reliably decodes most linear and 2D codes.
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Support
    Barcodes can be scanned with the integrated camera scanner or with industry-grade external Bluetooth barcode scanners (Bluetooth SPP required) . External scanners are recommended for a better scanning experience and improved efficiency.
  • Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets
    On tablets the app displays the relevant data (item list view and item detail view) on a single screen. On smart phones these views are separated.
User-Friendly Inventory Control

Simple and Fast Stocktaking & Inventory Control

Rapid Inventory - Download & Pricing


Free Demo Version

Rapid Inventory can be tested as free Demo Version. The number of items is limited to 100 and the file name for Google Drive export is preset (cannot be changed in demo).

Business / Unlimited Edition

To remove this restrictions, we ask you to purchase one of the following license types according to your needs: the Business Edition (up to 500 items) or the Unlimited Edition (as many items as required).

Bulk Licensing

For users with volume license requirements or without access to Google Play, TEC-IT offers a special version of the app for downloading. This special version requires slightly more application permissions but can be activated with activation keys provided by TEC-IT (internet access is required once for activation). Just contact us for more information.

Please note: Licenses which are distributed by TEC-IT are bound to a specific device/user combination. A new device and/or a new user requires a separate license.