TFORMer Designer - Label Software & Form Printing

TFORMer Designer is a professional label software with full barcode support. Use it to create your own labels and forms within seconds or benefit from the ready-to-use templates used in industry and logistics.

TFORMer Designer Label Printing Software


TFORMer Designer is very easy to use. Create labels and forms within seconds! The clear and straight-forward graphical user interface simplifies your work with features like redo/undo, WYSIWYG, advanced text formatting (rich text), preview and output with imported or manually entered data.

Save Time with Ready-To-Use Labels

Start immediately with ready-to-use labels and industry compliant forms. The included label templates can be used in an instant and eliminate time consuming design efforts completely. Examples: VDA-4902 Labels, AIAG, AMES-T, Galia, Odette, GTL Transport Labels, GS1 Logistics Labels and many more.

Integrated 1D/2D Barcodes

TFORMer Designer includes a full-featured barcode generator with support for more than 100 barcode symbologies. Special barcode printers or hardware add-ons like barcode SIMMs and barcode DIMMs are not required.

Manual and Automatic Printing in an Instant

TFORMer is the ideal solution for printing manually entered or imported data. Inexperienced users are assisted by easy-to-use printing tools.

The TFORMer SDK provides an easy way for software developers to integrate automated label and form printing into their applications.

Features of TFORMer at a Glance





Licenses can be purchased on a per-workstation (or user) basis. Should you need more than 10 licenses, please contact us - we would be pleased to send you a customized offer.

  • 1 Workstation
  • € 360 / $448
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 1 Licensefor 1 Workstation
  • Buy
  • 2 Workstations
  • € 612 / $761
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 2 Licensesfor 2 Workstations
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  • 5 Workstations
  • € 1530 / $1902
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 5 Licensesfor 5 Workstations
  • Buy
  • >10 Workstations
  • On Request
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • Individual>10 Workstations
  • Ask

V 7.5.24

New Features

  • Functions for Conditional Headers/Footers
    To ensure consistent output behavior when using page headers and page footers with printing conditions, the functions IsInReportHeader( ) and IsInReportFooter( ) were added. The following label templates now use these functions instead of IsLastPage( ):
    • Automotive:
      AutomotiveVDA 4906, VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg, VDA 4939 Transportbeleg, VW VDA 4939 Sendungsbeleg, VW VDA 4939 Transportbeleg.
    • Zollformulare / Custom Forms:
      Antrag Warenverkehrsbescheinigung, Ursprungszeugnis, Ausfuhranmeldung Versender, Ausfuhranmeldung Ausfuhrland
  • New SDK Options
    Added new SDK options for improved image output: colormode, color-mode, jpeg-quality, dither-mode, dont-dither-text.

Barcode SDK

Now using the barcode kernel TBarCode V11.6.0

  • Improved Data Matrix Rectangular Extensions (DRME):
    Added support for new Data Matrix rectangular sizes according to ISO/IEC AWI 21471 (8x80, 8x96, 8x120, 8x144, 12x88, 20x36, 20x44, 20x64, 22x40, 22x48, 26x40, 26x48, 26x64).

Bug Fixes

  • Number Format on Linux/UNIX
    The current locale now determines the number format on Linux/UNIX (TFM-8182).
  • SDK XML Import: Number of Copies
    When importing XML files using the internal XML file format, the number of copies will be recognized correctly again (TFM-8362).
  • FontManager
    Fixed a memory leak in the internal fontmanager.

Known Bug

  • Data Matrix
    On some Linux builds (e.g. RHEL 6, 7) the Data Matrix Base 256 mode encodes wrong data if Byte values >= 0x80 are encoded. This may occur with special characters in the Latin-1 or UTF-8 character set, but also with binary data. The problem does not occur with the standard ASCII character set. See TBC-8526 for more information.

V 7.5.17

New Features and Hotfixes

  • PDF/A Support
    PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents.
  • ZUGFeRD PDF/A-3 Support
    The new output format generates PDF/A-3 files and attaches the given ZUGFeRD-invoice XML file to them.
    The ZUGFeRD-invoice XML file can be specified by:
    • A new report property named ZUGFeRD-XML
      This property specifies the file to be embedded (based on expression, datafield or file name).
    • A new SDK option named zugferd-xml
      The SDK option overrides the report property ZUGFerD-XML.
    • TFORMer print dialog
      TFORMer will ask the user to select a ZUGFeRD-XML file if the report ZUGFeRD-XML property is empty.
  • PDF Output Improvements
    PDF generation was improved (ToUnicode Map, Char Width Array, Operand Order).
  • Improvements for Importing XML Print Data into the TFORMer SDK
    - Importing empty records is now possible without an error.
    - The capitalization of several node names is ignored again.
    - Invalid XML files will return correct error messages.
  • TFORMer Print Dialog
    User settings are not reset after printing.
  • Embedded Expressions
    Increased the maximum length of expression strings from 8 KB to 64 KB (TFM-6410).
  • ODBC Datasource Edit
    Fixed a deadlock when retrieving table names (TFM-6409).
  • Directory Connector (TFORMer Server Repository)
    Added basic support for relative path names (TFS-4090).
  • Printer (TFORMer Server Repository)
    - Added a new ZPL footer property (TFS-6402)
    - Changed the default values for ZPL-header and ZPL-compression properties (TFS-3702)
    - Changed the type of the ZPL-Scaling property to an enumeration (TFS-3702)
  • Linux® and UNIX® Systems
    • TFORMer SDK 7.5 is now available for Linux® and UNIX®.
    • TFORMer.ini can now be used for licensing.
  • TFORMer SDK Java Wrapper
    Fixed a problem (NULL Exception) in FormLayout.getDataFieldUsage.