TFORMer Designer Label Printing Tools

Compliance labeling made easy! TFORMer Designer comes with the free add-on QuickPrint. QuickPrint it is the ideal solution for manual form and label printing, it offers simplified manual data entry and ensures network-wide, unique serial number printing.

Quick and Easy Compliance Labeling with QuickPrint

The additional tool QuickPrint is part of the TFORMer Designer package and ensures quick and easy printing of forms and labels. QuickPrint offers an intuitive, very clear user interface and is therefore usable by novices without training.

After the required form or label was selected, QuickPrint displays the data fields used in this document layout. The user can enter the data field values in a dialog or in a table style worksheet.

QuickPrint Label Printing Tool

All Printers

Printing is triggered with a single mouse-click. QuickPrint works with all printers supported by Microsoft® Windows.

PDF, PostScript®, HTML, Image-Export

Beside direct printing QuickPrint is also able to export the output as PDF-, PostScript-, HTML or image file.

Persistent Data

QuickPrint saves the entered data values of the last printing session automatically. Thus, repetitive data entry for a form or label is eliminated. A database isn't required for this feature - plain XML files are used for this purpose.

Compared with other tools on the market QuickPrint simplifies compliance labeling considerably!

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Serial Numbers

QuickPrint supports the use of serial numbers within form and label layouts and bar codes.

In TFORMer Designer you specify the data fields which should be used as serial numbers. Whenever a document layout utilizes such a data field (e.g. a consecutive shipping number in an GM-1724 Barcode Label), QuickPrint ensures that this number is automatically incremented for each printout.

By use of TFORMer repositories you can store the serial numbers in a central location. Other users in the network are able to use the same serial number pool. It is guaranteed that serial numbers are unique, even when used by multiple users in parallel.