Scan-IT to OfficeBarcode Scanner & Mobile Data Entry Tool

Scan-IT to Office is the all-in-one solution for remote barcode scanning and mobile data acquisition. The mobile app captures data like bar codes, texts, numbers, locations, images and much more. Cloud services transfer the collected data immediately to target documents or target applications on your desktop computer.

NEW: The recently introduced Smart Keyboard Wedge Tool for Scan-IT to Office transfers remotely captured data into arbitrary desktop applications on your PC or Mac.

New: Scan Barcodes into Microsoft Office Documents

Anytime & Anywhere

The Scan-IT to Office App captures data and barcodes anywhere! Smart cloud services transfer the remotely collected data to arbitrary target systems or target documents. This works in real-time - regardless of the devices locations, even across different offices, facilities or countries.

Pay As You Go / Bulk Licensing

Subscriptions for the Scan-IT to Office App are available for Android and iOS devices in the respective app stores. For users with volume license requirements (10+ devices), TEC-IT offers a version ready for bulk licensing. Complementary Add-Ins and Tools are free.

For Arbitrary Targets

Using the free Scan-IT to Office Tools, any Windows or macOS desktop application is able to process captured data without modifications. Additional Add-Ins for Microsoft Word/Excel, Google Sheets and Google Chrome ensure seamless operation with documents, spreadsheets and browser-apps.

Application Areas

Scan-IT to Office is the ideal tool for mobile data collection, stocktaking, inventory management, check-in/check-out handling and all other generic track-and-trace tasks in businesses or organizations of any size.

Data Collection Features

Scan-IT to Office provides versatile data collection features for every imaginable workflow:

Scan Barcodes
Use your mobile device as affordable barcode reader for linear and 2D codes and transfer the scanned codes directly to your target documents or systems.
Use Data Entry Forms
Select from a number of predefined input forms or use the built-in form editor to create custom forms with any combination of input fields. The captured form data is forwarded to the target system for further processing.
Multiple Input Fields
Data entry forms are capable to scan barcodes, capture camera images in four different sizes, add images directly from your albums, automatically record the current geo-location or use text fields, numerical inputs, timestamps, check boxes, selection lists, etc.. The complete list of field types can be found in the Scan-IT to Office - App User Manual.
Advanced Customization
To cover even more advanced input form requirements (e.g. with branding or additional functionality for product lookups) input forms can be developed in HTML5. Please contact us for specific requirements!

Getting Started

Installation and use is very simple: install the App on your mobile device, install the complementary Add-In/Tool on your desktop computer (PC or Mac) and scan a QR code to pair them. Follow these steps to set up Scan-IT to Office:

  • Install App
    Download and install the Scan-IT to Office App for Android or iPhone on your mobile device.
  • Install Add-In
    Install the Scan-IT to Office Add-In/Tool on your computer (Download links: Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Google Chrome, Smart Keyboard Wedge).
  • Pair
    Scan the QR code displayed by the Scan-IT to Office Add-In/Tool with the Scan-IT to Office App - Done!
  • Capture Data
    Remotely captured data like scanned bar codes, images, GPS locations or user inputs (or any combination) appear immediately in the paired target application. Without Internet connectivity the Scan-IT to Office App caches captured data locally until online again.
  • Find Out More
    Discover multi-user and multi-location features: Pair additional devices with a single target document or pair your App with multiple targets on different desktop computers.

Please refer to the Scan-IT to Office - App User Manual for more information.

User-Friendly Configuration in Just a Few Steps

Quick, Reliable and Easy-to-Use Data Acquisition

Scan-IT to Office Features




Scan-IT to Office Pricing

Free Demo Version

Scan-IT to Office can be tested for free. Without a subscription the App replaces captured data with a demo text in irregular intervals - to remove this restriction we ask you to purchase a subscription. The complementary Scan-IT to Office Add-Ins and Tools are free of charge in any case.

App Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be purchased directly in the App. Prices shown in the table are approximate from-prices (indicated in US-Dollar / Euro). Exact subscription fees depend on platform, country, currency and local taxes. For detailed information, please refer to the respective store (Google Play / App Store). The following subscription models are available:

  • 1 Month
  • from$4.99/ € 4.99
  • Monthly
  • Android | iOS
  • In-App Purchase
  • 3 Months
  • from$10.99/ € 11.99
  • 3 Month
  • Android | iOS
  • In-App Purchase
  • 1 Year
  • from$30.99/ € 32.99
  • Yearly
  • Android | iOS
  • In-App Purchase

Subscriptions are auto-renewing by default and can be cancelled, paused or reactivated anytime by the user. Please check out this FAQ entry for details: Cancel, Pause or Change Subscriptions.

Bulk Licensing

For users with volume license requirements for 10 or more devices, TEC-IT offers a bulk-license version of the App. Activation keys can be ordered directly from TEC-IT, no Google Play or App Store accounts are required for bulk licensing. Please contact us to request a quote.

Supported Targets

The complementary Add-Ins and Tools are available for the following targets on your desktop device. For detailed compatibility information, see the Scan-IT to Office - Add-In/Tool user manual:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Word / Excel
  • Windows | macOS
  • No Extra Charge
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets
  • Windows | macOS
  • No Extra Charge
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows | macOS
  • No Extra Charge
  • Desktop Application
  • Smart
    Keyboard Wedge
  • Windows | macOS
  • No Extra Charge