Can't Send Barcode Data... (on Mac OS)

Problem: You receive the following error message in the Scan-IT to Office App if you send data to Office on Mac OS: Can’t send barcode data to a Microsoft Office document. Please connect this app with Microsoft Office. This error message is displayed if the connection between App and Add-In is lost for some reason.

Solution 1: Deactivate computer sleep mode in the system settings under Energy Saver on Mac OS.
Solution 2: Re-pair the Scan-IT to Office App with the Scan-IT to Office Add-In. Contact in case of recurring problems.

Scanned Data is Inserted into a Single Cell

Problem: In Microsoft Excel 2013, the captured data is always inserted into a single spreadsheet cell.

Solution: Unfortunately Excel 2013 doesn't support this feature, you need to use Microsoft Excel 2016 or Excel Online.

Image Support is Not Available

Problem: Scanned images are not transferred to Office documents.
You receive the following error message: Oops, unfortunately image support is not available in this Office application. Check out the FAQ for details.

Solution: Image support is available for the following applications:

  • Microsoft Word/Excel for Windows (2016 or later)
  • Microsoft Word/Excel for Mac (15.20 or later)
  • Microsoft Word Online
  • Google Sheets

Disable DOM Storage Error Message

Office Add-In on Android: Unsupported Server Location

Problem: If you download the Scan-IT Office Add-In on your Android device, the file can't be opened and/or installed, because this Add-In is only supported on desktop devices. You receive the following error message: Can’t open file. Sorry, Scan-IT-to-Office---Barcodescanner-for-Office.xlsx is stored in an unsupported server location.

Solution 1: Insert the Add-In directly into your Office application:

  • Go to the menu bar and click Insert
  • Now choose My Add-Ins
  • Open the store and search for Scan-IT to Office
  • Click on Add

Solution 2: Download the Add-In from Microsoft AppSource on your Desktop PC or Mac.

Image FAQ

Office Add-In Does Not Show Any Features

Problem: The Scan-IT to Office Add-In looks inactive and only displays the buttons "Phones", "Log" and "Options" without functionality.

Solution: Add the Scan-to-Office Add-In as a trusted site as follows:

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the icon Icon Settings and then on Internet Options.
  • Open the tab Security and then select the Trusted Sites zone.
  • Click on the button Sites.
  • A dialog to add new trusted sites will appear.
  • Enter in the text field and click the button Add.
  • Close Internet Explorer and restart your Office application. The Add-In should now be displayed correctly.
Another possible reason for this problem might be a disabled JavaScript setting. See next FAQ entry.
Enable JavaScript for Scan-IT to Office

Office Add-In Does Not Work Because of Disabled JavaScript

Problem: JavaScript is required to use the Scan-IT to Office Add-In. If JavaScript is disabled, you receive the following error message: JavaScript is required to use this Add-In. Please check the FAQ to correct this.

Solution: Enable JavaScript by setting Active Scripting to Enable under Security - Custom - Custom level in your Internet Options.

DOM Storage is Not Available in Your Browser

Settings Will Not be Saved

Problem: The Scan-IT to Office Add-In shows the following error message: DOM storage is not available in your browser. The Add-In is operable but settings will not be saved permanently. Please check the FAQ to correct this.

Solution: Make sure that Enable DOM Storage is checked in the Internet Options under Advanced - Security.

How to Upload Custom Input Forms on iOS Devices?

You can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device using File Sharing with Apple iTunes. The next few steps show how it works:

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or PC
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  • Click your device in iTunes

  • Input form Upload
  • In the left sidebar, click File Sharing
  • Select the Scan-IT to Office App
  • Drag and drop files from a folder in the documents list or click Add. Please note that the file name has to start with "form_"
  • iTunes copies these files to the app on your device
  • Restart the Scan-IT to Office App on your device
  • The uploaded Custom Input Forms are now displayed in your app

  • Input form Upload
For further information about file sharing with iTunes, please check out the Apple Support.