BluePiano - Bluetooth Keyboard-Wedge for Android

BluePiano represents a smart keyboard-wedge for Bluetooth data collection with arbitrary Android apps. Data from external Bluetooth devices (like barcode scanners, RFID readers, GPS receivers, meters, ... ) is collected and inserted into the target app. The data appears like typed by the user, modifications of the target apps are not required to make this work.

Discontinued product: The software development for BluePiano has been discontinued. Updates, bug fixes and support are no longer available. Nevertheless, BluePiano licenses can still be purchased without any claim for support.
Bluetooth-Wedge for Android Smartphone or Tablet

Bluetooth-Wedge for Android

BluePiano extends arbitrary Android apps with automated and universal data collection capabilities.

BluePiano works as a so-called keyboard wedge: a keyboard wedge captures device data and forwards this data by simulating user-input to target apps. Captured device data appears as entered by the user in the input field of the target application - without manual typing:

  • BluePiano provides transparent Bluetooth data collection, captured data is injected into arbitrary apps by simulating user-input.
  • BluePiano is ideal for accelerated, robust data acquisition (e.g. when scanning bar-codes with an external Bluetooth scanner). Input errors are avoided, copy & paste is not required anymore.
  • The app is compatible with all serial Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth SPP - serial port profile respective RFCOMM).
  • BluePiano is highly flexible, rules for application specific cursor control (or other helpful functions) are adjustable.

The keyboard wedge is easy to use, a setup assistant simplifies the initial installation. The Bluetooth device used for data acquisition is configured with a few taps. The connection to the Bluetooth device is established automatically, in case of lost Bluetooth connections (e.g. Bluetooth scanner out of range) the keyboard wedge tries to reconnect. The integrated camera scanner is useful for backup purposes, the built-in NFC tag reader provides additional flexibility.

BluePiano Features




BluePiano - Download & Pricing

Free Demo Version


BluePiano is available in Google Play as free demo which can be upgraded to the full, unlimited version by an in-app purchase. The free demo of the BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Keyboard shows a purchase dialog in irregular intervals. To download the app, scan the barcode on the right with your handset.

Bulk Licensing

For users with bulk-licensing requirements or without access to Google Play, TEC-IT offers a special version of the Bluetooth Wedge Keyboard. The version available for download on this web-site is suitable for bulk-licensing and can be activated with activation keys provided by TEC-IT (internet access is required once for activation). Just contact us for more information.

Please note: Licenses which are distributed by TEC-IT are bound to a specific device/user combination. A new device and/or a new user requires a separate license.