Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard for Android

Use this new soft-keyboard for Android to scan barcodes or NFC tag data into any app. The integrated camera barcode scanner (or NFC tag reader) is invoked with a single tap, the scanned data appear immediately like manual user input. This works perfectly without modifying existing apps!

Scan Barcodes with your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard

With this Android soft-keyboard it is possible to scan and enter barcodes and NFC tags with any app. A special key on this keyboard invokes the integrated scanner for barcodes or NFC tags. Immediately after scanning, the data is automatically entered into the current input field, the data appears as entered manually. Modifications of the target app are not required for this purpose!

Once installed and enabled, the input method is available for all apps on your handset or tablet. To ensure universal usability, the Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard can be configured to simulate cursor movements or to automatically append the enter key. The keyboard can be used with most apps, browsers or remote desktop applications (RDP). Manual typing and voice input are - of course - still supported!

All relevant input languages and keyboard layouts are available; the keyboard layout automatically matches the system settings of your Android device.

It's a real time-saver: The app provides fast and convenient barcode-scanning and tag reading capabilities, typing efforts are reduced, app-switching or copy/paste operations are eliminated completely. Multiple bar-codes are scanned easily with the provided batch-scanning mode.

Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard - Features




Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard - Availability

Free Demo Version


The Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard is available in Google Play as free demo which can be upgraded to the full, unlimited version by an in-app purchase. The free demo of the Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard displays a nag-dialog in irregular intervals, other restrictions are not implemented. To download the app, scan the barcode on the right with your handset.

Bulk Licensing

For users with bulk-licensing requirements or without access to Google Play, TEC-IT offers a special version of the Barcode/NFC Scanner Keyboard, starting from a quantity of 25 licenses. The version available for download on this web-site is suitable for bulk-licensing and can be activated with activation keys provided by TEC-IT (internet access is required once for activation).
Just contact us for more information!

Please note: Licenses which are distributed by TEC-IT are bound to a specific device/user combination. A new device and/or a new user requires a separate license.