Software and Apps

In addition to standard software, TEC-IT offers the development of tailor-made software solutions and custom apps (Android / iOS). With such tailor-made solutions, you optimize logistics, labeling, identification, data collection, tracking and tracing tasks with maximum efficiency.

Details on past and ongoing projects are available on request. If you want to know how our customers think about us, we like to bring you in touch. Just contact us.

User interface of an IDE

Special Solutions

Custom Software Development

Our know how - especially when developing applications for industrial use - is available for you.

Years of experience with applications in the automotive industry and in numerous IT projects in the fields of logistics, track and trace, marking, identification, stationary or mobile data acquisition, printing and output, barcode systems, RFID / NFC / Bluetooth applications, etc. make us the ideal partner - also for your IT project.

Our Software Development Tools

We work with established information technology methods and tools. Depending on the project, we use Microsoft® Windows, Android®, iOS®, Linux® or macOS®. For cloud applications, we rely on Microsoft Azure®.

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