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TBarCode SDK Update with UPU S10 Support for Postal Items

2017/02/14 | TBarCode SDK V11.3.1

TEC-IT presents the latest version 11.3.1 for the barcode generator software TBarCode SDK.

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Support of Data Matrix Rectangular Extension (DMRE)
    The symbol sizes defined by the DMRE are now supported by the SDK (8x48, 8x64, 12x64, 16x64, 24x32, 24x36, 24x48, 24x64 and 26x32).
  • New Barcode Type: UPU S10
    UPU S10 is used for identifying postal items. This generic barcode type was implemented by several post authorities.
  • Check Digit Method Modulo 43 for QR-Code and Data Matrix
    The check digit method "modulo 43" is provided in the list of supported check digit methods for QR-Code and Data Matrix.
  • New Setup Application
    A new setup application is used, it contains both 32 bit and 64 bit components. The setup downloads the C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 on demand.

Download TBarCode SDK, 11.3.1 update today!

Updates are free for users of the same major version and for owners of an active maintenance agreement.

Android App "Rapid Inventory" - Update

2017/02/13 | Rapid Inventory V2.6.0

Rapid Inventory is a mobile app for Android systems and supports stocktaking and inventory control. With Rapid Inventory, you can create and manage inventory lists for up to 100 items completely free of charge!

Version 2.6.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Improved Bluetooth scanner connectivity
    (Completely rewritten code)
  • Updated settings page for the Bluetooth scanner connection

Download Stocktaking for Android at Google Play or directly from our website .

Please contact us for further information.

TBarCode SDK available for Windows 10 IoT/Raspberry!

2017/02/08 | TBarCode SDK V11.3.0

Our best-in-class barcode generator software is now available for Windows 10 IoT systems. Therefore, TBarCode SDK can also be used on compact single board computers such as Raspberry Pi. With TBarCode SDK you are using a barcode generator software, which scores with its broad application possibilities:

  • Embedded systems
  • Kiosk applications
  • School- and teaching applications

Did you know: we give special discounts for schools and teaching facilities!

TBarCode SDK download (trial version) for Windows 10 IoT is free.
Please contact us for further details.

Barcode Studio - Professional Barcode Maker Update

2016/10/11 | Barcode Studio V15.4.0

The most recent update of Barcode Studio, our professional bar code maker and labelling program, offers the following new features:

  • Improved HP® SmartStream® Support
    Barcode Studio works smoothly with HP SmartStream Composer-Lite V3.0 and HP SmartStream Designer V20.0 (detailed information will follow shortly).
  • GS1 Application Identifiers
    The application identifiers for GS1-128 and GS1 DataBar have been updated.
  • TBarCode Library 11.3.0
    Barcode Studio uses now the latest TBarCode Library 11.3.0.

For more details see the Barcode Studio version history.

You can get this update directly in Barcode Studio (menu Help - Check for Update...) or you download Barcode Studio from our website.

For users of Barcode Studio Version 15 and for customers with a valid Priority Support Agreement this update is free of charge.

TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In Update

2016/08/22 | TBarCode Office V10.8.1

TBarCode Office was optimized for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to enhance stability. Further improvements:

  • Letter Mail Merge
    Text wrapping style "In Front of Text" is supported for bar code objects during a letter mail merge. The barcode must be configured inline with text and then switched to in front of text for positioning.
  • Trim Carriage Return / Line Feed
    Add-In for Word: Trim CR/LF from bar code data for codes which do not support CR/LF.

Details about improvements and bug fixes can be found in the TBarCode Office Version History.

The download of TBarCode Office is for free. Owners of an active maintenance agreement or a license for TBarCode Office V10.x are eligible to update without additional costs.

Video Tutorials Introducing TBarCode Office

2016/06/08 | TBarCode Office V10.8.0

TBarCode Office enables you to create and insert your own barcodes into Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

To get you started, we show the core functions of TBarCode Office in our Video Tutorials:

Try TBarCode Office for free! Insert 1D and 2D bar codes directly into your Microsoft Word and Excel document! Design your serial letters with barcodes: Try TBarCode Office for your individual tasks.

TEC-IT YouTube channel: Visit our YouTube channel to get an impression of our software products and make sure to stay up-to-date as one of our subscribers.

NEW: Create and Print Barcode Labels Online

2016/06/02 | Online Label Generator
Online Label Generator

We are happy to provide you with the newest version of our Online Label Generator. Create and print barcode- and industry labels in no time at all. You can start immediately, time-consuming label design efforts are not required!

Test the free demo version of the Online Label Generator with a big number of standardized labels:

Registered users save even more time! Registration is free of charge; you will receive 25 print jobs welcome credit. More advantages:

  • printing data can be imported from CSV files,
  • your data will be automatically saved for future print jobs, re-entering your data manually is not required,
  • printing several labels at once is possible (serial printing, batch printing).

YouTube-Video Tutorial: On our TEC-IT YouTube-Channel we introduce you to the new user interface and to the main functions of the Online Label Generator in a video:

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback! Just contact our support in case of questions.

Create Your Barcodes with Barcode Studio - Update

2016/03/25 | Barcode Studio V15.3.1

Make sure that your version of Barcode Studio is up to date! The most recent update offers the following improvements:

  • Toolbar
    The Toolbar is now automatically shown on starting Barcode Studio. There have been problems displaying it for users of Mac OS X.
  • French Translation
    Barcode Studio is now also available in French
  • TBarCode Library 11.2.3
    This version of Barcode Studio uses TBarCode Library Version 11.2.3.

You can get this update directly in Barcode Studio (open Barcode Studio, click "Help" in the menu and choose "Check for Update...") or download Barcode Studio from our website.

For users of Barcode Studio Version 15 and for customers with a valid Priority Support Agreement this update is free of charge.

Label Software TFORMer Designer - Update

2016/03/24 | TFORMer Designer V7.5.19

This update for TFORMer Designer offers numerous new features and bug fixes. Here are only a few updates:

    New Features
  • System fields tfProductName and tfProductVersion
  • Extended CheckDigits method to support field-specific check digits for GS1 codes (TFM-6479)
  • Added Suppress Error Message property for picture element
  • and more...
    Bug Fixes
  • The output engine now avoids rendering of invisible lines, rectangles and ellipses (either with line-width 0 or with no color and transparent background)
  • The Print Dialog now correctly remembers the PostScript file output option
  • The SDK options in the Print Dialog will not influence other TFORMer settings anymore
  • and more...
    TFORMer Quickprint
  • The preview is now based on current data field values
  • Added tooltip indicators for errors caused by data field values
  • Added tooltip indicators for data field information
  • and more...

In the detailed history, you can view the full list of improvements and bug fixes for TFORMer V 7.5.19.

You can download this update directly in TFORMer Designer (open TFORMer Designer and click on the link "Check for Updates" in the left column) or download the latest version of TFORMer Designer from our website.

Regular updates provide a more efficient and smooth operation of our software. Therefore, an update is highly recommended - it would be best to download the update for TFORMer Designer today.

This Update is free of charge for users of TFORMer Designer Version 7, or for customers with a valid Priority Support Agreement.

TBarCode Office - Word/Excel Add-In Update

2015/10/28 | TBarCode Office V10.7.0

TBarCode Office was revised for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. For the new version the following functions have been focused:

  • Microsoft Office 2016
    The add-in is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • GUI Facelift
    The TBarCode Office Add-In was modernized.
  • Escape Sequences
    Microsoft Word Add-In: Escape sequences for special characters (like FNC1) can be added through the Insert Field wizard.
  • Encoding Data from Bookmarks
    Bookmarks can be referenced with the place holder format: [@!Bookmark]. The content of the bookmark will be encoded in the bar code while printing.
  • System Resources
    Added monitoring of system resources (free GDI objects) during bar code generation. A warning is displayed if the available GDI objects are running low. On demand the user can disable warnings in the Add-In options.

All enhancements and bug fixes are listed in the version histoy of TBarCode Office.

The download of TBarCode Office is for free. Owners of an active maintenance agreement or a V10 license are eligible to update without additional costs.

TBarCode SDK - Barcode Generator Update

2015/08/13 | TBarCode SDK V11.2.3

TEC-IT announces the availability of version 11.2.3 for TBarCode SDK. The following problems were corrected:

  • Codabar 2
    The check digit calculation with start and stop characters was corrected.
  • Application Identifiers
    The list of supported application identifiers (AIs) has been updated.

A complete list of enhancements is available in the version history of the product.

Download TBarCode SDK for free and install the software today! Owners of an active maintenance agreement or a V11 license are eligible to update without additional costs.

Barcode Maker Update: Barcode Studio 15.3!

2015/08/11 | Barcode Studio V15.3.0
Barcode Options

We are pleased to release a maintenance release for the barcode maker software Barcode Studio. These are the enhancements of version 15.3.0 :

  • Barcode Export - File Name
    When exporting bar-codes, the user can choose between using the last used file name or a file name auto-generated from the barcode data.
  • Barcode Options
    It is now possible to change barcode options (as known from TBarCode SDK) directly via the GUI.
  • Codabar Checkdigit Calculation
    The codabar check digit now considers the start/stop characters of the barcode by default. The user may change this behavior via the barcode options.
  • Application Identifier Update
    Updated the list of supported application identifiers (AIs).
  • TBarCode Library 11.2.3
    Using TBarCode Library 11.2.3.

Give it a try! Download Barcode Studio.

New Barcodescanner Keyboard 2.0 App for Android

2015/07/27 | Barcodescanner Keyboard V2.0
New Design for Android App Barcodescanner Keyboard

Great news: Barcode Keyboard V2.0 was redesigned from scratch and represents the ultimate timesaver - read on to learn more!

TEC-IT's new Barcode Keyboard V2 app for Android is based on the current Google Keyboard as available in Android 4.0 or higher. In addition to the well-known basic keyboard functionality it offers integrated barcode scanner support. Using this keyboard you are able to key in information manually or - as a convenient alternative - to scan barcodes directly into any app. Application switching or error-prone copy/paste is no longer required.

The barcode-scanning functionality is available for most target apps without additional modifications.

Some exciting features of this innovative keyboard app:

  • State-of-the-art keyboard layout
  • Voice recognition, suggestions, dictionaries, fast keyboard switching
  • Guided installation
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable scanner keys
  • Quicktext (custom text modules) support
  • Integrated camera scanner (portrait, landscape, automatic)
  • Versatile licensing capabilities (Google Play licensing, online activation without a Google account, bulk licensing with license files based on device serial number)
  • Simple bulk configuration by files
  • Rule-based scanner behavior, adjustable initial keyboard layout
  • Automated, field-triggered scanning of barcodes (autoscan) without user interaction
  • External barcode scanner support

Download Barcode Keyboard from Google Play: Barcode Keyboard

You need more licenses? Please contact our sales team, we will gladly support you.

Word/Excel Barcode Add-In Update!

2014/12/02 | TBarCode Office V10.6.0

For our TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel (2007+) a new update is ready.

The new version 10.6 supports embedding of actual user input and form data into the bar code. The content controls and form fields are referenced via their tag name and bookmark id. The data is populated into the bar code during printing.

More details about improvements can be found in the version history.

For registered users of TBarCode Office the update is free of charge: Download TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In.

Barcode Software for AIX, Solaris and Linux - Update!

2014/11/14 | TBarCode/X V11

TBarCode/X V11 with new binaries for AIX, Solaris, SUSE and Ubuntu available!

TEC-IT unveils version 11 of TBarCode/X, our proven barcode software for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.

The new version provides support for new output formats AI and SVG, new 2D bar code types (DotCode, Han Xin Code) and contains several fixes and improvements. Look for more details in the TBarCode/X version history.

Here is the list of available binaries: Download TBarCode/X Barcode Software (additional binaries on request).

VW GTL Compliance: New Global Transport Labels

2014/09/04 | VW Global Transport Labels
New VW GTL Guidelines

The barcode label printing software TFORMer provides updated label templates for the new VW GTL standard. This new standard requires the use of the Data-Matrix-Code instead of the PDF 417 symbology for global transport labels.

Refer to Volkswagen GroupSupply Portal for more information regarding the new guidelines for the VW GTL (Volkswagen Global Transport Label).

This update with the new GTL templates is free of charge for existing TFORMer 7.x customers: Download TFORMer 7.5.12 now!

Using Honeywell's Bluetooth Ring Scanner on Android

2014/08/22 | GetBlue V2.15.1
Android Bluetooth / TCP - Flexible Data Capturing with Android

The new GetBlue Update improves the Bluetooth connectivity with the Honeywell 8650 (LXE 8650) Bluetooth Ring Scanner.

This Android App for Data Acquisition with Bluetooth, TCP and USB connects your handset with arbitrary Bluetooth devices. Data will be read using the serial port profile (Bluetooth SPP / RFCOMM).

The free GetBlue Demo is available in the Google Play Store.

For more information check out the GetBlue - Android App for Bluetooth, USB and TCP-IP data acquisition.

TBarCode SDK Update with Royal Mailmark Support

2014/08/18 | TBarCode SDK V11.2

TEC-IT announces the availability of a new release (11.2) for the barcode generator component TBarCode SDK 11. This update includes the following enhancements:

  • New barcode type Royal Mail CMDM Mailmark.
  • Two new vector-based output formats: SVG and AI (Adobe Illustrator V7).
  • Improved compatibility of PDF export.
  • For more details see TBarCode SDK Version History

Download the TBarCode SDK 11.2 update today!

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement.

2D Codes Now with Unicode Support in SAP!

2014/07/09 | TBarCode/SAPwin V10.1

TEC-IT released Version 10.1 of the Barcode DLL for SAP® ERP!

The update of TBarCode/SAPwin contains the following new features:

  • Support for Unicode and Multibyte-characters in 2D Codes - e.g. for encoding Japanese or Chinese characters in QR Codes. Precondition are SAPSprint 730 Patch 16 and/or SAPGUI 730 Patch 10 or newer. The SAPWIN data stream must be in Unicode format (device type SWINCF, SWINCFC).

More enhancements can be found in the Barcode DLL version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin 10.1

Like It Turbocharged? Data Collection with TWedge V3!

2014/05/22 | TWedge V3.0

TEC-IT proudly announces the release of TWedge version 3. The data collection soft­ware was redesigned from scratch and offers unmatched capabilities and advantages.

The new TWedge is able to device-specifically intercept and process USB HID data. This absolutely unique feature allows you to simultaneously use multiple low-cost USB barcode scanners connected to a single PC.

But this is not the only enhancement:

  • Manages Multiple Devices in Parallel
  • Supports New Interfaces (USB HID, Serial Ports, Clients and Servers for TCP, UDP, Bluetooth)
  • Works as Desktop App and Windows System Service
  • Offers Integrated Microsoft Excel Support
  • Easy to Use, Blazingly Fast - V8 JavaScript Engine
  • and Much More...

Find out more details about the data collection tool TWedge V3! Your personal test drive is ready - just download the free demo!

TFORMer is Cutting Better - Now with Cutter-Support!

2014/04/25 | TFORMer V7.5 SP9
TFORMer - Etiketten- und Reporting Software

The new service pack for the TFORMer V7.5 label printing and reporting software offers you the following new options for Zebra Printers:

  • Support of Cutting Mode
  • Adjustable Header and Footer (ZPL II)

The service pack also contains several minor bugfixes and improvements. You can find a detailed listing thereof in the version history of TFORMer.

This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 7.x customers: Download TFORMer 7.5.9 now!

First Book Written with the Help of TEC-IT Software

2014/04/09 | 2D Codes - Handbuch
2D Codes - Handbuch der Automatischen Identifikation

TEC-IT is proud to announce the first book written with the help of Barcode Studio!

Check out the newly released book 2D CODES - HANDBUCH DER AUTOMATISCHEN IDENTIFIKATION. It provides a comprehensive overview of 2D codes.

Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Lenk / ISBN 978-3-935551-01-4 / Monika Lenk Fachbuchverlag

We are happy to have helped out with our software!

New Service Pack for TFORMer Label Printing Software

2014/04/09 | TFORMer V7.5 SP8

The new service pack for the TFORMer V7.5 label printing and reporting software contains the following improvements and fixes:

  • New Barcode-Kernel TBarCode V11.1.3
  • Improvement of the positioning element properties
  • Fixing of access violation in image and zebra printers
  • Fixing a problem with incorrectly stored license data in specific languages
  • Improvement of preview speed
  • Avoidance of multiple TFORMer windows when opening layout files (*.TFF)

Find more details in the version history of TFORMer.

This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 7.x customers: Download TFORMer 7.5.8 now!

Charity: Barcode Studio for Sports Event in Austria

2014/02/11 | Red Noses' Running Event
Scanning a barcode at a sports event in Brixlegg (AUT)

TEC-IT is proud to support social and charitable projects. We are especially glad to provide the local school and sports club of Brixlegg with a free Barcode Maker Software license. They are organizing an anual sporting event for the Austrian Red Noses' benefit.

With Barcode Studio the Brixlegger organizers create barcode graphics for the Red Noses running event. The runners are registered by scanning the barcodes (see picture). That's a lot of fun for the participants and they learn how bar codes work. Good luck to all runners!

We are always interested in supporting charitable projects and organizations. Please contact us and provide us with more information!

TBarCode SDK Update: 2D Code Enhancements

2014/01/21 | TBarCode SDK V11.1.2

A new service release (11.1.2) for the TBarCodeSDK barcode generator software is now available for download.

The update enhances the generation of PDF417, Aztec Code and DotCode barcode symbologies. Additionally the bitmap optimization function has been improved. All details of the current version can be found in the version history.

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement: Download TBarCode SDK V11.1.2

Label Software TFORMer with Updated Caterpillar Labels

2014/01/21 | TFORMer Designer V7.5.6

TEC-IT launches version 7.5.6 of the Label Printing Software TFORMer Designer.

What's new? All Caterpillar Shipping and Parts Identification Label templates were updated according to latest specification. Additionally, the new version enhances the process of label printing and label design. Please find all details in the version history.

All licensed users of TFORMer V7 and all owners of an active maintenance agreement are eligible for a free update: Download TFORMer Designer 7.5.6