TFORMer Designer - Print VDA 4902 & AIAG Transport Labels

Print ready-to-use compliance labels for automotive areas (VDA 4902, AIAG B10...) immediately. TFORMer Designer comes with predefined VDA forms, AIAG labels, VDA shipping labels, Odette and GS1 transport labels (and many more). Standard compliance and barcode support included!

VDA Transport Label

For Immediate Production Use - Standard Compliance (VDA 4902 Labels, etc.)

TFORMer Designer offers various ready-to-use industry compliant forms and barcode labels for automotive, logistic, shipping, military and transport related applications. When using TFORMer, you can be sure that all labels and forms comply with current industry standards. Time-consuming label design efforts are void.

Labels for AIAG, VDA, GTL, GS1, ...

VDA 4902 Label

Print compliance labels and industry forms for AIAG, Galia, GM, GTL, Odette, VDA, VDA BeloM, FedEx®, Post, TNT®, EU customs and GS1 transport labels immediately. All labels are printed automatically with the required barcodes.

Try it online with a VDA-4902 label. In addition to this VDA label you can also generate AIAG labels, global transport labels (GTL), GS1 transport labels and many more online.

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Logistic Concepts

TFORMer Designer focuses on the support of industry forms and compliance labels. Arbitrary logistic concepts can be implemented efficiently. Among others the „MAIS Pick-Up-Sheet" (the standard in use by Opel), „AMES-T" (Advanced Mobility Engineering Services for Transportation, the guidelines from Volkswagen), „Bypass" (the name of the specification in use by Daimler Chrysler) and „BeloM" (the document-based flow of information in use by BMW).

TFORMer Designer is a perfected output and label printing software. It is in use by countless companies working in automotive and logistic areas!

A label or form template required by your company is missing? TEC-IT implements form and labels which are of common interest free of charge. Just send us the specification. Please contact us for details.

Custom Form and Label Layouts

The application areas of TFORMer Designer are unlimited. Custom form or label layouts, like a shipping label with a 2D barcode, are created easily. Utilizing the clear and consistent graphical user interface of TFORMer Designer is only a matter of minutes.

Free "Print-Only" Tools

Manual printing of forms and labels is simplified by an additional software tool. The application QuickPrint focuses on novice users and can be operated without any formal training.

Online Compliance Label Generator

Generate industry forms like VDA 4902, AIAG, GTL and other labels online, free and without any software installation. Just enter the required data, TFORMer then generates the selected form or barcode label. The result is immediately available and can be printed directly from within your browser.