TFORMer Designer - Label Printing with Variable Data

Do you want to print and create labels and forms with dynamic data in no time? TFORMer is the perfect software for variable data printing (VDP): so-called data fields are used as placeholders for variable data values. TFORMer prints labels and forms with data from user-input, import-files or databases!

Print Labels and Forms with Your Data!

With TFORMer Designer it is easy to combine static and dynamic content in labels, forms and reports. Just use so-called data fields which serve as placeholders for variable data values in your layouts (e. g. an article number, see graphic below).

Principle: Print Labels and Forms with Your Data

Highlight #1: Data fields can be used at arbitrary places in your layout (as barcode, as formatted text, for printing conditions or as file name for images).

Highlight #2: The output logic is encapsulated within the layout designs completely. Data fields can be used in computations, can be formatted arbitrarily and can be used for controlling the output behavior (e. g. via conditional printing or printer tray control).

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Provide Data and Print Immediately

To print labels and forms, TFORMer Designer only needs your data. Dynamic data is provided manually by the user or by external data sources (e.g. ODBC databases, XML, TXT and CSV files).

For manual printing task (e.g. for shop floor applications), the free add-on QuickPrint is available. QuickPrint allows even unexperienced users to print labels and forms without training. This tool also provides automatic, network-wide unique serial number printing.

Software developers benefit from the software component TFORMer SDK. TFORMer SDK is easily integrated into applications and provides all printing and export features of TFORMer as part of your software.

Printing and Export Formats

Labels and forms are either printed directly (on any printer supported by Microsoft® Windows), viewed as print preview or generated in one of the supported output formats:

  • PDF
  • PostScript®
  • HTML
  • Graphic formats (TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA)
  • ZPL-II

No additional software is required, all output features are completely integrated within TFORMer. Layouts are completely independent from any printer or database. Regardless of the selected printer or output format, a single layout results always in identical output.