TFORMer Designer:标签软件,表格打印

TFORMer Designer 是一款专业的 标签软件支持全条码。 使用此软件,您可以在几秒钟内创建您自己的标签和表格或在工业和物流业中使用即时可用的模板。

TFORMer Designer Label Printing Software


TFORMer Designer 非常容易使用. 只需在几秒内便可创建标签和表格! 明确和直接的图形用户界面简化了您操作上的功能,如:重做/撤消,WYSIWYG,先进的文本格式(丰富文本) ,预览和输出,输入或手动输入数据.


立即使用即使可用标签和工业兼容表格. 所包含的 标签模板 可完全用于即时设计以及缩短耗时的设计时间. 比如: VDA-4902 标签, AIAG, AMES-T, Galia, Odette, GTL 运输标签, GS1 物流标签和更多.

1D/2D 条码集成

TFORMer Designer 含有一个全功能的条码生成器用于支持100多种 条码符号. 无需特殊的条码打印机或附加硬件如 barcode SIMMs 和 barcode DIMMs.


TFORMer 是打印手动输入或导入数据的理想解决方案. 没有经验的用户通过易于使用的 的印刷工具辅助.

TFORMer SDK 为软件开发者提供一种自动化标签和表格打印集成到他们的应用程序简单的方法.

TFORMer 特点一览表





许可证可以在每个工作站(或用户)基础上购买。 如果您需要 10 多个许可证, 请联系我们 - 我们将乐意根据您的要求准备报价。所有许可都是永久性的,并收取一次性许可费用

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Microsoft® Windows

所有当前的 32 位和 64 位 Microsoft Windows 系统:

  • Windows Server 2016 / 2019 / 2022
  • Windows 10 / 11
  • 为终端服务器/ Citrix 环境做好准备

UNIX®, Linux®, macOS®

  • 有关更多支持的平台,请参阅我们的 下载部分 或请求新的版本。

V 8.0

General Improvements

  • New Print Kernel
    The print kernel has been rewritten (preparation for future enhancements).
  • Barcode Generator Kernel
    The barcode kernel is now linked statically. TFTBarcode.dll is not required anymore (TFM-5512).
  • GDI Custom Paper Sizes
    Added support for custom paper sizes when using GDI printers (TFM-9030).
  • New Function SafeDiv
    To allow better handling of division by zero cases in IIf statements, a new function SafeDiv has been added. SafeDiv(«Numerator», «Denominator», «DivByZeroValue»), returns «DivByZeroValue» if «Denominator» is 0, otherwise the result of the division of «Numerator» by «Denominator» is returned.

TFORMer Designer

  • Quick-Format
    Added new functionality to simplify the formatting of numeric and text fields. Quickly select predefined or provide custom formats.
  • Label Design with Actual Data ("Real Data")
    Added new functionality to use real label data during the label design process. Label design is done using the data of the first record of the data source (used for label texts, barcode data and image expressions). The option can be turned on or off with a checkbox in the menu ribbon.
  • Show Element Boundaries
    Added a checkbox to hide or show element boundaries in the label design.
  • Show Grid
    Added a checkbox to hide or show the grid in the label design.
  • Design Settings
    Design settings like data view column widths and current zoom are now stored and get reapplied on loading (TFM-5474, TFM-6057).
  • ZIP-File Support
    ZIP files that include one label design (TFF file) can now be opened directly with TFORMer Designer using the file open dialog. Embedded images are supported.
  • TFZ File Extension for Save As... and Open...
    TFZ files are compressed containers that include one label design (TFF file), the default print data and images used by the layout. The TFZ file extension allows the user to start editing the file by double-clicking it. In addition, TFZ files can be directly uploaded to the online label generator (
  • Other Improvements
    - Improved tooltip text for data fields with errors in expressions (TFM-8459).
    - The edit dialog for text uses the last screen-position and size within the same TFORMer Designer session.
    - Added a message bar to the design view so TFORMer Designer can provide hints and warnings to the user.


  • New API for Printing Results
    Added new functions to retrieve detailed information and data field values after a print job was finished. See Job.GetPrintResult and Job.SetPrintResultType in the TFORMer SDK documentation for more information.
  • New API for Data Field Details
    Added a new function to retrieve data field related properties. See Datafield.GetDetails in the TFORMer SDK documentation for more information.
  • TFORMer SDK Java Wrapper
    - Made the print method nonblocking (TFM-8329).
    - Renamed the method setParameterValues to setParameterValue (TFM-5694).
    - Fixed some problems that caused the wrapper not working properly with Open JDK (TFM-9323).
  • TFORMer SDK .NET Wrapper
    • TFORMerException Changes (TFM-5519)
      - Message property will now provide a formatted error message (including Description, Information, and Reference values).
      - New property Description that stores the text previously provided in the Message property.
      - New property Reference that stores the error source provided by TFORMer SDK. Source property of the base class Exception will not be modified.
      - Removed property setters for ErrorCode and Information.
  • Other Improvements
    - Moved RecordCopyDataField from Job to JobDataCSV, JobDataXML and JobDataODBC (TFM-5478).
    - Added RecordCopyDataFieldIsXMLAttribute to JobDataXML.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue caused by splitting print areas containing resizable elements across multiple pages (TFM-9980).
  • Fixed the processing of barcode data in hexadecimal format (TFM-8540, TFM-8543).
  • Improved support of custom paper sizes on GDI printers (TFM-10050).
  • Improved support for symbol fonts (TFM-10136).
  • Fixed rendering of rotated labels with text margins (TFM-9109).
  • Corrected the label height when created by dropping a data field onto the label design (TFM-9058).
  • Fixed a crash in TFORMer Designer when pasting data fields, print settings or data sources into the design tree without a valid selection.
  • Fixed a problem that caused computed fields of type float being truncated to two decimal digits (TFM-9067).
  • Fixed a performance problem with the edit text dialog on systems with many installed fonts.


  • VDA 4994 (Automotive)
    New templates for VDA 4994 and VDA 4494 KLT were added.
  • GM 1724 Revision 2018 (Automotive)
    New templates for GM 1724 (Revision 2018) were added.