TFORMer Designer - Smart Report & Label Layouts

TFORMer encapsulates the output logic: With flexible design elements, tray control, conditional printing and scripting you can meet nearly all demands for web reporting, database reporting, labeling, report-, list- and form printing and much more...

Intelligent Layout and Component Functions

TFORMer divides a document in bands. These bands serve specific purposes within a document - like page header or control break. Each band can contain as many components, like free formatted text, lines, graphics and barcode elements, as you wish.

Intelligent Layout and Component Functions

Highlights include the following functions:

  • Free formatted text - mix fonts, font-size and style as much as you wish
  • Text format (HTML syntax) can be controlled externally or by calculations
  • Computations embedded in text
  • Page sum is calculated automatically
  • Integrable formulas and expressions (more like JavaScript®)
  • Output control through printing conditions and print layers
  • Assessable paper tray control
  • Scalable elements (e.g element adapts to body content)
  • Relocatable elements (e.g. position adapts to position of other elements)
  • Calculated font-size during output (e.g. content adapts to the element)
  • Water mark function
  • Arrangement of bands - one underneath the other or parallel to one another
  • Label printing with automatic adjustment depending on paper format
  • Printing lists
  • Arranging labels in tables or tables in labels

The printing of individual components (e.g. text or lines...), bands (like header, footer, table cells) and print layers can be controlled depending on data fields or system functions. Dynamic forms which adjust the layout on printing time automatically can be easily realized.