TFORMer Designer Barcode Support

TFORMer Designer offers integrated linear and 2D barcode printing: All common barcodes are generated and printed fully automatic by the software. Also PDF-, PostScript- and HTML-Output are created with barcodes. You don't need to rely on a barcode printer or other barcode extensions.

1D, 2D Bar Codes -  TEC-IT

Comprehensive, Integrated Barcode Printing

The integrated, extensive barcode creator makes TFORMer a perfect tool for industry printing (e.g. VDA/Odette/Galia/AIAG-Labels for the automobile supplier industry) and other bar code applications.

TFORMer generates all bar codes independently. You don't need special barcode printer or expensive hardware extensions like Barcode-SIMMs or Bar code-DIMMs. Furthermore, the time-consuming adjustment of printer specific escape sequences for creating a barcode is completely unnecessary.

Turn Your Printers into Barcode Printers

TFORMer Designer support all printers under Microsoft® Windows and all PostScript® compatible printers. PDF and HTML documents are of course generated with perfect readable barcodes as well.

The integrated bar code creator of TFORMer Designer supports all

  • linear barcodes (like Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, Code39, Code128, EAN128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, Code 128)
  • 2D bar codes (like PDF417, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR-Code)
  • GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataMatrix
  • RSS & GS1 (EAN.UCC) Composite Barcodes.

The calculation of possible check digit takes place automatically. All barcodes are always at the highest possible quality and are calculated as vector graphic. This method guaranties optimal readability by barcode scanners or image systems and certainly avoids customer reclamations.

Supported Barcode Symbologies

Linear Barcodes (1D Barcodes)
Codabar 2 Widths Codabar (2 Width), Codabar2
Code11 Code 11, Code-11
Code 2of5 Data Logic Code 2 of 5 Data Logic version
Code 2of5 IATA Code 2 of 5 IATA version (International Air Transport Association)
Code 2of5 Industry Code 2 of 5 Industry version
Code 2of5 Interleaved Code 2 of 5 Interleaved (alias ITF or Code 2/5 IL),  
Code 2of5 Matrix Code 2 of 5 Matrix (alias 2of5 Standard)
Code 2of5 Standard Code 2 of 5 (identical with Code 2 of 5 Matrix)
Code 32 Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode)
Code 39 Code 3 of 9 alias Code-39
Code 39 Full ASCII Code 3 of 9 extended version (ASCII)
Code 93 Code 93
Code 93 Full ASCII Code 93 extended version (ASCII)
Code128 Code-128 all subsets (A,B,C) and compressed mode  
Code128A Code 128 subset A
Code128B Code 128 subset B
Code128C Code 128 subset C
EAN13 EAN-13 (also JAN or IAN),  
EAN13 P2 EAN-13 (also JAN or IAN) with 2 digit add-on
EAN13 P5 EAN-13 (also JAN or IAN) with 5 digit add-on
EAN14 EAN-14 (GTIN encoded using EAN-128 symbology)
EAN8 EAN-8 (also JAN or IAN)
EAN8P2 EAN-8 (also JAN or IAN) with 2 digit add-on
EAN8P5 EAN-8 (also JAN or IAN) with 5 digit add-on
EAN128 EAN-128 alias UCC-128 alias GS1-128
Flattermarken Flattermarken
GS1-128 GS1-128, identical to EAN-128 / UCC-128
GS1 DataBar GS1-DataBar symbologies: all variants of GS1 DataBar are supported (GS1 DataBar is based upon RSS)
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 (International Standard Book Number, 13 digits)
ISBN13-P5 ISBN13 with 5 digit supplement
ISMN ISMN (International Standard Music Number)
ISSN ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
ISSN P2 ISSN with 2 digit supplement
ITF-14 ITF14, Code 2of 5 Interleaved (14 digits)
LOGMARS DOD Logmars, Department of Defense Logmars
MSI MSI Barcode variants with different check digits
NVE-18 NVE 18 (Nummer der Versandeinheit)
Pharmacode One-Track Pharmacode One Track (1 Track)
Pharmacode Two-Track Pharmacode Two Track (2 Track)
PLANET 12 Digit Planet Code 12 digits (Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique)
PLANET 14 Digit Planet Code 14 digits
Plessey Plessey Code Unidirectional
Plessey Bidirectional Plessey Bidirectional
PZN7 German Pharmazentralnummer 7 digits (PZN/PZN7) - replaced by PZN8.
PZN8 German Pharmazentralnummer 8 digits (PZN8); replaced PZN7 in 2013
RSS Expanded EAN/UCC RSS Expanded (Reduced Space Symbology)
RSS Limited EAN/UCC RSS Limited (Reduced Space Symbology)
RSS-14 EAN/UCC RSS14 (Reduced Space Symbology)
RSS-14 Truncated EAN/UCC RSS14 Truncated (Reduced Space Symbology)
RSS-14 Limited EAN UCC RSS14 Limited (Reduced Space Symbology)
GS1 DataBar Expanded GS1 DataBar Expanded (formerly RSS)
GS1 DataBar GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS14)
GS1 DataBar Truncated GS1 DataBar Truncated (formerly RSS)
GS1 DataBar Limited GS1 DataBar Limited (formerly RSS)
SSCC-18 SSCC 18 Serial Shipping Container Code
Telepen Telepen
Telepen Alpha Telepen Alphanumeric
UCC/EAN-128 UCC/EAN 128  
UCC-128 UCC 128  
UPC12 / UPC-A UPC 12 (alias UPC-A),  
UPC-A UPC-A (alias UPC-12),  
UPC-A P2 UPC version A with 2 digit add-on
UPC-A P5 UPC version A with 5 digit add-on
UPC Coupon Codebased on UPC-A barcode type
UPC-E UPC version E  
UPC-E P2 UPC version E with 2 digit add-on
UPC-E P5 UPC version E with 5 digit add-on
UPCSCC UPC Shipping Container Code (refer to ITF14, SCC-14)
VIN / FINVehicle Identification Number
Postal Codes (1D Postal Barcodes)
Australia Post 4-State Customer Australia Post 4-State Customer Barcode (incl. Standard, Customer 2 and Customer 3)
Australia Post 4-State Reply Paid Australia Post 4-State Reply Paid Barcode
Australia Post 4-State Routing Australia Post 4-State Routing Barcode
Australia Post 4-State Redirection Australia Post 4-State Redirection Barcode
Brazilian CEPNet Brazilian postal barcode
DAFT Code DAFT is a generic 4 state code
DPD bodeGerman Parcel Service label code
DP Identcode Deutsche Post Identcode
DP Leitcode Deutsche Post Leitcode
Italian Postal 2of5 Italian postal code (based upon Code 2of5 IL)
Italian Postal 3of9 Italian postal code (based upon Code 39)
Japan Post Japan postal 4-state barcode
KIX Dutch postal barcode
Korean Postal Authority Korean postal barcode
Royal Mail 4-State (RM4SCC) RoyalMail 4 State barcode (RM4SCC)
Royal Mail 4-State Mailmark® Royal Mail 4State Mailmark® barcode
Swedish Postal Shipment Item ID Swedish postal shipment code
UPU S10Universal postal union S10 barcode (Code-128)
USPS OneCode (4-CB)see USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode
USPS Intelligent Mail® barcodeUSPS Intelligent Mail® barcode, alias USPS OneCode alias USPS 4-State customer barcode
USPS Intelligent Mail® PackageUSPS Intelligent Mail® Package barcode (GS1-128 based) (available in TBarCode SDK V11 and later).
USPS PostNet5 USPS PostNet ZIP (5 digits) with check digit computation, discontinued as of 2013
USPS PostNet6 USPS PostNet ZIP+CD (6 digits), discontinued as of 2013
USPS PostNet9 USPS PostNet ZIP+4 (9 digits) with check digit computation, discontinued as of 2013
USPS PostNet10 USPS PostNet ZIP+4+CD (10 digits), discontinued as of 2013
USPS PostNet11 USPS PostNet ZIP+4+2 (11 digits) with check digit, discontinued as of 2013
USPS PostNet12 USPS PostNet ZIP+4+2+CD (12 digits), discontinued as of 2013
Two Dimensional Barcodes (2D Barcodes)
Aztec code Aztec code (available in TBarCode version 8+)
Codablock F Codablock F (Stacked Code128), used by HIBC
Data Matrix (ECC200)Data Matrix (ECC200 standard with error correction), Auto Compaction
DotcodeDot Code (available in TBarCode SDK V11 and later)
DP PostmatrixDeutsche Post Werbeantwort Postmatrix
GS1 DataMatrix Data Matrix with GS1 format (ECC200, FNC1), Auto Compaction
GS1 DataBar StackedGS1 DataBar Stacked
GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidir GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
Han Xin Code HanXin code (Chinese 2D barcode) (available in TBarCode SDK V11 and later)
MaxiCode™ Maxi Code™ (used by UPS®)
MicroPDF417 Micro PDF-417, MicroPDF
Micro QR-CodeMicro QRCode (smaller version of the QR Code standard)
NTIN codeNational Trade Item Number - a Data Matrix based code used in the pharmaceutical industry
PDF417 PDF-417 (all encoding modes support auto-compaction)
PDF417 Truncated PDF-417 truncated version
PPN codePharmacy Product Number - a Data Matrix based code used in the pharmaceutical industry
QR-Code (JIS) Quick Response code (ISO/IEC 18004:2000); uses 932/Shift-JIS as standard character set
QR Code QRCode (ISO/IEC 18004:2015); uses Latin-1/ISO-5589-1 as standard character set
Royal Mail Mailmark® 2DRoyal Mail Mailmark® 2D barcode (available in TBarCode 11.2+)
RSS-14 Stacked EAN/UCC RSS14 Stacked
RSS-14 Stacked Omnidir EAN/UCC RSS14 Stacked Omnidirectional
RSS Expanded Stacked EAN/UCC RSS Expanded Stacked
Swiss QR-Code QR code variant used for Swiss banking and payment services (QR-bill).
HIBC Barcodes
HIBC LIC 128HIBC LIC variant of Code 128
HIBC LIC 39HIBC LIC variant of Code 39
HIBC LIC Codablock-FHIBC LIC variant of Codablock-F
HIBC LIC Data MatrixHIBC LIC variant of Data Matrix
HIBC LIC MicroPDF417HIBC LIC variant of MicroPDF417
HIBC LIC PDF417HIBC LIC variant of PDF417
HIBC LIC QR-CodeHIBC LIC variant of QR-Code
HIBC PAS 128HIBC PAS variant of Code 128
HIBC PAS 39HIBC PAS variant of Code 39
HIBC PAS Codablock-FHIBC PAS variant of Codablock-F
HIBC PAS Data MatrixHIBC PAS variant of Data Matrix
HIBC PAS MicroPDF417HIBC PAS variant of MicroPDF417
HIBC PAS PDF417HIBC PAS variant of PDF417
HIBC PAS QR-CodeHIBC PAS variant of QR-Code
EAN-UCC Composite Variants (2D Barcodes)
RSS-14 Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
RSS-14 Stacked Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirectional Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
RSS Limited Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
RSS Expanded Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
RSS Expanded Stacked Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
EAN 13 Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
EAN 8 Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
UPC A Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
UPC E Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
UCC/EAN128 Composite Component CC-A / CC-B / CC-C
GS1 DataBar Composite Variants (2D Barcodes)
GS1 DataBarComposite Component CC-A / CC-B
GS1 DataBar Stacked Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
GS1 DataBar Stacked Omni Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
GS1 DataBar Limited Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
GS1 DataBar Expanded Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked Composite Component CC-A / CC-B
Related Symbologies
Related Symbologies With the listed symbologies you can generate also the following variants:
USS Code 39, AIAG, HIBC, PPN-Code (Data Matrix), NTIN-Code (GS1 DataMatrix), USS Code 128, UCC-128, ISBT-128, SCC-14, JAN, Bookland, ISSN, USS ITF 2-5, I-2/5, ITF-14, SSC-14, DUN14, USPS, DOD Logmars (Department of Defense Logmars), UPC SCS (UPC Serial Shipping Symbol).

If a bar code symbology you are interested in is not listed here, please contact our support!

Advanced Barcode Parameters

Special purpose barcode parameters like

  • Symbol orientation 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Selectable check digit computation
  • Adjustable module-width (narrow bar width)
  • Adjustable bar width ratio
  • Code-subsets selection (e.g. for Code128)
  • Encoding of binary values and non printable characters
  • Escape sequences ("Test\13" == "Test" + Carriage Return) for control characters
  • Adjustment of the bars-widths (Pixel Shaving) for increasing bar code quality on ink-jet printers
  • Extended parameters for 2D symbologies (row height, error correction level, columns, modes, ...)

can be adjusted freely.