Scan-IT to Office User Manual

Scan-IT to Office was designed for maximum usability. Installation is easy: just install the application and the corresponding Office Add-In. Start data acquisition with barcodes, texts, quantities and more. Captured data appears immediately in your connected target documents. The following destinations are supported: Microsoft Office 2013 (or newer) and Microsoft Office 365 (desktop and online version) on Microsoft Windows and on Mac OS X / macOS; as well as Google Sheets.

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How Do I Install Scan-IT to Office?

To install the Scan-IT to Office solution follow these steps:

  1. Install the App
    Start with installing the Scan-IT to Office App on your device (for Android: Google Play Store, for iOS: App Store). The application can be evaluated for free. For production use we ask you to purchase a subscription.
  2. Install the Office Add-In / Google Sheets Add-On
    Download the Office Add-In from Microsoft AppSource or the Google Sheets Add-On from the Chrome Webstore and insert it into your document. The Add-In displays a QR code required for pairing the document with your device in the next step. The Office Add-in and the Google Sheets Add-On are free.
  3. Pair the App with the Office Add-In
    Pairing connects the Scan-IT to Office app to your Microsoft Office instance. Start the app and scan the QR code displayed by the Scan-IT to Office Add-In. If required you may use the “+“ button to display a new QR code for pairing or for adding another device.


  • Once paired with the Scan-IT to Office Add-In, the Scan-IT to Office App is ready to scan and transfer barcodes. Both the app and Add-In must indicate successful and active connections (green icon or green state indicator).
  • In order to receive barcode data with a document, the Scan-IT to Office panel must be visible and the device entry in the Office Add-In must be activated.
  • In the Options tab of the Scan-IT to Office Add-In you may choose type of data (plain data, URL encoded data, device name, device ID, timestamp) and the order in which data should be inserted into the document. You may also select the server used for communicating with the Scan-IT to Office app.
  • In the Settings of the Scan-IT to Office App you can select different options like barcode prefix, barcode suffix, recognized barcodes, character sets, etc. Subscribers also have the option to pick the server used for communicating with the Scan-IT to Office Add-In.

Input Forms

Input forms allow you to capture and send combinations of different input types. In this menu you can choose between different predefined input forms or you can create your own individual forms.
  • Scan-IT to Office provides Predefined Input Forms to scan or enter barcodes, image files, text fields and quantities.
  • With the Input Form Editor you can create, edit and combine them according to your needs.
  • For specific requirements, we offer Custom Input Forms for every imaginable workflow (HTML-5 based). Just contact us!


Please note, that some features require the use of Microsoft Word/Excel 2016 (or newer). Following limitations may occur:
  • Images cannot be inserted
  • Data cannot be split into multiple columns in Excel, instead it will be inserted in one single cell, seperated by spaces.
  • The selected cell in Excel cannot be changed after insert. All scanned/sent data will be inserted in the same cell.
  • For more information, see Scan-IT to Office FAQ.


  • If the Scan-IT to Office App indicates a connection error with a red icon, make sure your mobile device has internet access.
  • If the Scan-IT to Office Add-In indicates a connection error with a red bar next to the phone entry, make sure your computer running Office has Internet access. You may delete the phone in the panel and thereafter try to re-establish the Internet connection.
  • If Internet access is available and the app, the Add-In or both still indicate connectivity problems, the selected server may be down. Active subscribers may adjust alternative servers as a temporary workaround in both the app and in the Office Add-In. Please contact our support team as well.
  • Please verify if both the Add-In and the app are using identical server settings (available only for active subscribers).
  • If the app displays a message after scanning a barcode (... no target document available ...) make sure that the Scan-IT to Office panel of the paired Microsoft Office instance is visible and the device is activated (not in error or paused state) in the panel.
  • For detailed information check out the Log of the Add-In and contact TEC-IT.

How to Decommission a Mobile Device

If a specific smartphone or tablet should be decommissioned because it is no longer used as barcode scanner, open the Scan-IT to Office Add-In and delete the device by clicking on the trash icon.

Purchase a Subscription

  • To remove the demo limitation (scanned data is replaced with a demo text on a random basis) we ask you to purchase a subscription for the Scan-IT to Office app. No additional charges or fees apply and you may cancel your subscription at any time.
  • The Scan-IT to Office app recommends owners of a subscription to switch to a production server. When changing the server please make sure to adjust the used server in the Scan-IT to Office Add-In as well (see Add-In Options).

Private Cloud / On-Premise Installation

  • The app for Android can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store or from
  • The iOS version is exclusively available in the App Store.
  • For production use the purchase of a subscription is mandatory. A subscription can be purchased exclusively in the corresponding store.
  • The Scan-IT to Office Add-In can be downloaded from Microsoft AppSource or Chrome Webstore. It also may be distributed by using a network share (a Microsoft account is not required for installation or operation in this scenario, details on request).
  • On-premise installations of the Scan-IT to Office Server are currently not possible. This may change in the future - please stay tuned! As an alternative, we are able to provide you with a dedicated Microsoft Azure server instance for the server installation. This server installation needs to be accessible by TEC-IT for maintenance. Just contact us!

Offline Operation

We recommend to use Scan-IT to Office with an active internet connection. If offline, Scan-IT to Office buffers entered data on the device. Scan-IT to Office on Android transmits cached data automatically if the Internet connection is restored.

Multi-User Scenarios

  • Multiple mobile devices can be used to scan data into a single Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel document simultaneously.
    To do this, pair each Scan-IT to Office app with a single Microsoft Office instance.
  • A single mobile device may send the scanned data to multiple Office documents at the same time.
    To do this, pair the Scan-IT to Office app with multiple Microsoft Office instances.

Final Remarks

  • TEC-IT appreciates your feedback and suggestions. Just let us know what you think and contact us.
  • Have fun exploring our latest barcode solution!

Privacy and Security

Scan-IT to Office was designed with privacy and security in mind:

  • The Scan-IT to Office solution uses Microsoft Azure cloud services (servers are currently located in North America). The servers do not store or log any data permanently.
  • For pairing purposes exclusively the device ID of the mobile device is exchanged with the Scan-IT to Office Add-In.
  • To list connected Add-Ins in the App, a randomly generated Add-In ID and the Add-In name are exchanged with the Scan-IT to Office App.
  • The configuration data, which is required to assign a specific Scan-IT to Office app to a Microsoft Office instance, is stored exclusively in the app (on your device) or in the private storage of the Microsoft Office instance (on your PC or Mac).
  • Communication is secured by using HTTPS.

Privacy Policy for the Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On

  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On uses the email address of your Google Account to assure that the Add-In is executed with the account that is currently logged in to Google Sheets. This is needed due to an Issue with Google Sheets Add-Ons when using multiple users in Google Chrome. See the Issue in Google's Issuetracker for more information.
  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On does not store any of your personal data permanently.
  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On does not share any of your personal data with third parties.