Scan-IT to Office User Manual

Scan-IT to Office works intuitively and is ready to use in just a few steps: all you have to do is install the app on your mobile device and the corresponding add-in or tool on your desktop computer, then pair them. Start collecting data like bar-codes, pictures, manual inputs, timestamps or location data. Remotely captured data appears immediately in your connected target documents or systems.

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The Scan-IT to Office App is available for Android and iOS devices (smartphone and tablet). The Scan-IT to Office Add-In/Tools work on desktop computers running Windows or Mac operating systems.

The following hosting applications are supported by optimized Add-Ins:

  • Microsoft Word/Excel 2013 / 2016 / 2019
  • Microsoft Word/Excel 365 (desktop and online version)
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Chrome

The generic Smart Keyboard Wedge Tool injects remotely captured data into arbitrary Windows or macOS desktop applications by simulating keystrokes (data appears in the target application like manual user input typed on the keyboard).

  • Smart Keyboard Wedge for Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1803+)
  • Smart Keyboard Wedge for macOS version 10.12+

Download & Installation

Install App

The Scan-IT to Office App can be tested as a free demo. Data will be replaced with demo data in random intervals. For unrestricted production use, we ask you to purchase a subscription. This mobile app is available exclusively for Android on Google Play and for iOS in the App Store:

Install Add-In/Tools

To use this data acquisition solution, you also need to install the corresponding Scan-IT to Office Add-In/Tool for your target document or target application on your desktop computer. These Add-Ins and Tools are available free of charge:
Developers can build their own Scan-IT to Office Add-In if required. A developer manual is available on request - Just contact us!

User Interface

Scan-IT to Office - Connection Manager


The main menu ( ) contains the following items:
  • Add Connection
    Click here to pair the mobile app with the corresponding target by scanning the displayed QR code.
  • Show Connections
    Shows the connected add-ins and their states (e.g. online, paused, offline).
  • Forms
    Open this item to choose an input form to capture the desired data.
  • History
    Contains a list of the recently scanned data (transmission status, scan / send time or the received status message).
  • Settings
    In the settings you can adjust a number of options (barcode types, character sets, camera scanner preferences, etc.).


Selection Icon

Rotation Lock
The app can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. By clicking this button you can lock the desired orientation.

Selection Icon

Connection State
This icon shows the current connection state in the respective color (for details see Connections).

Selection Icon

Click this button to select the desired input form to capture data.

Selection Icon

Manual Input
Tap this icon to enter barcode data manually through the keyboard.

Add Connection (Pairing)

Scan-IT to Office - Connection Manager
Pairing connects the mobile app with the target document or target application on your desktop computer. This is simple and done in just a few steps:
  • Open the main menu () of your Scan-IT to Office App and select the item Add Connection.
  • Open the desired target document with the installed Scan-IT to Office Add-In, which displays a QR code for initial pairing.
  • Select Scan QR-Code on your smartphone.
  • Scan the displayed QR code of the add-in (see picture).
  • If both instances (app and add-in) show an active connection (green icon / green state indicator), you are ready to start data acquisition.
  • Now the data transfer works on its own: captured data is automatically sent to the opened target documents.
  • All currently connected add-ins and their connection states, are listed in the app item Show Connections in the main menu.
  • To add multiple devices to your add-in, just click the button Add Phone ( Add Phone ) below the list Configured Phones.
  • If you want to forward data to multiple targets, you have to connect the app with further add-ins. For details, see Scan-IT to Office FAQ.

Show Connections

Scan-IT to Office - Connection Manager
  • In order to receive captured data with a document, the app must indicate an active connection (green icon in the toolbar) and the device entry in the Add-In must be activated (green state indicator).
  • If the Scan-IT to Office App indicates a connection error with a red icon, make sure your mobile device has Internet access.
  • If the Scan-IT to Office App indicates a connection problem with a yellow icon, make sure your App is paired with an Add-In and the Add-In is currently running.
  • If the Scan-IT to Office Add-In indicates a connection error with an orange bar next to the phone entry, make sure your computer has Internet access.
  • Please verify if both the Add-In and the app are using identical server settings (available only for active subscribers).
  • A list of all paired Add-Ins can be viewed with the menu item Show Connections. A status indicator shows the connection state of the Add-Ins (green = online, yellow = paused, gray = offline).
  • More information is available in the Scan-IT to Office FAQ.
  • If you are still having connection problems please contact our support team!


Scan-IT to Office - Connection Manager
Data is captured on the smartphone or tablet using clearly structured input forms:
  • The app provides a number of predefined Standard Forms.
  • If required, users can create their own Custom Forms, which can be shared by clicking the button: Form Sharing (form sharing is currently only available on iOS).
  • Customer Specific Forms are also available on request!

The form editor currently provides the following field types:

  • Barcode
  • Text
  • Number (e.g. quantity)
  • Listbox
  • Date
  • Time
  • Checkbox
  • Image (from camera or gallery)
  • Location Data (GPS based)
  • Date & Time
  • Static Text
  • Stopwatch


  • Data Storage
    Captured data is automatically stored in the history of the app. The history contains the list of the most recently scanned data including information like transmission status, scan / send time or the received status message.
  • Offline Operation
    Without an active Internet connection, data is stored as unsent in the history. The app transmits data automatically when the Internet connection is restored. Data is then forwarded in the same order as it was entered.
  • Resending Data
    Users can also manually resend individual data records from the history or resend the complete history, if required.


Scan-IT to Office - Settings
  • App Settings
    In the Scan-IT to Office App settings you can adjust a number of options like recognized barcode symbologies, barcode prefix / suffix, character sets, camera scanner preferences, etc.
  • Connection Settings
    Here you can view or adjust device name and connected add-ins. You may also select the server / port used for communicating. For more details on connections see Show Connections.
  • License State
    Shows the current license state of your app. Licenses are available as auto-renewing, paid subscriptions on Google Play or App Store and can be changed, cancelled or renewed anytime. Bulk-licenses are available directly from TEC-IT (no Googly Play or App Store payments are required).


Please note, that some features require the use of Microsoft Word/Excel 2016 (and newer) and Google Sheets. The following limitations may occur when using other target applications:
  • Images cannot be inserted. Image Support is available for the following applications:
        - Microsoft Word/Excel for Windows (2016 or later)
        - Microsoft Word/Excel for Mac (15.20 or later)
        - Microsoft Word Online
        - Google Sheets
  • Data cannot be split into multiple columns in Excel, instead it will be inserted in one single cell, separated by spaces.
  • The selected cell in Excel does not change after inserting data. All scanned/sent data will be inserted into the same cell.
  • For further information, please check out Scan-IT to Office FAQ.

Multi-Users / Multi-Targets

  • Multiple mobile devices can be used to scan data into a single target document (Microsoft Word / Excel, Google Sheets or Google Chrome ) simultaneously. To do this, pair each Scan-IT to Office App with a single Scan-IT to Office Add-In.
  • A single mobile device may send the scanned data to multiple target documents at the same time. To do this, pair the Scan-IT to Office App with multiple add-ins.
  • For more info, see Scan-IT to Office FAQ.

Private Cloud / On-Premise Installation

  • Scan-IT to Office may also be deployed by using a network share (a Microsoft account is not required for installation or operation in this scenario, details on request).
  • We are working on the possibility for on-premise/private cloud installations of the Scan-IT to Office server. Please contact us for details!

Purchase & Subscription

  • The Scan-IT to Office app is available as a free trial version, a paid subscription unlocks all functions. Without a subscription the remotely captured data is replaced in random intervals with a demo text and/or a notification is displayed.
  • The Scan-IT to Office App recommends owners of a subscription to switch to a production server. When changing the server please make sure to adjust the used server in the Scan-IT to Office Add-In as well (see Add-In Options).
  • The Scan-IT to Office Add-In and Tools can be downloaded for free (see Download & Installation).

Privacy & Security

Scan-IT to Office was designed with privacy and security in mind:

  • The Scan-IT to Office solution uses Microsoft Azure cloud services (servers are currently located in Texas/USA). The servers do not store or log any personal data permanently.
  • For pairing purposes the device ID of the mobile device is exchanged with the Scan-IT to Office Add-In. No user account data is exchanged.
  • To list connected Add-Ins in the App, a randomly generated Add-In ID and the Add-In name are exchanged with the Scan-IT to Office App.
  • The configuration data, which is required to assign a specific Scan-IT to Office App to a Microsoft Office instance, is stored exclusively in the App (on your device) or in the private storage of the Microsoft Office instance (on your PC or Mac).
  • Communication is secured by using HTTPS.

Privacy Policy for the Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On

  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On uses the mail address of your Google Account to assure that the Add-On is executed with the account that is currently logged in to Google Sheets. This is needed due to an issue with Google Sheets Add-Ons when using multiple users in Google Chrome. See the Issue in Google's Issuetracker for more information.
  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On does not store any of your personal data permanently.
  • The Scan-IT to Office Google Sheets Add-On does not share any of your personal data with third parties.

Final Remarks

  • TEC-IT appreciates your feedback and suggestions. Just let us know what you think and contact us.
  • Have fun exploring our latest barcode solution!