TFORMer SDK - Dynamic Output Creation

TFORMer SDK generates output based on document layouts: completely automatically, in various formats and on all platforms: The payloads to be printed are set by program code or retrieved from external data sources like XML files, streams, ODBC, etc.

Integrate Reporting Into Your Application

See the data flow of TFORMer based on the graphic below. Discover new possibilities with the flexible integration of variable data fields.

TFORMer data flow

Get your print job done with a few mouse clicks:

  • Create the design with TFORMer Designer.
  • Choose the data source (manual input or file import).
  • Set the printer in the properties dialog or within your program.
  • Start printing.

Smart Data Transfer Options

Supplying the document layout with variable data is very easy. Data can be taken directly from program code, imported from external data sources (file or database) or provided as stream via http/https.

The report generation is 100% encapsulated by TFORMer SDK. Calculations within reports and print control adjustments, like tray or paper selection, are all done inside the layout.

In order to generate a report TFORMer SDK requires the document layout and the corresponding variable data (payload). Data fields serve as placeholders for the payloads. These fields are either filled directly from your program code or via external data sources. If you choose to use an external data source, you can either import files (e.g. TXT, CSV, XML) or use URLS, data streams (BASE64 coded XML streams) or database queries (ODBC).

The desired document layout can be specified as file name in the local file system, as URL or as BASE64 coded data stream.

Ideal for Client-Side Reporting on the Browser (AJAX, Browser-Clients)

When using TFORMer SDK in browser applications (like AJAX) on the client side, you can save on roundtrips by transferring the payload and document layout as data stream. Direct printing on client printers is a welcome side effect.