TFORMer SDK - Web Reports and PDF Generator

Client or Server-Side Web-Reporting & PDF Creation: Use the output features of TFORMer within arbitrary applications – either on the server (browser independent) or directly embedded in client applications (e.g. MS-IE).

Enhance Your Web Application with TFORMer SDK

TFORMer SDK was developed with a primary focus on web applications. With TFORMer SDK you generate all kinds of forms, labels and reports within your web application instantly.

  • With TFORMer the output possibilities of web applications are enhanced substantially.
  • The integrated PDF creator makes web reporting with high quality output very easy.
  • The built-in barcode generator not only saves you money but provides high quality barcodes too.
  • No matter if you have Linux®, UNIX®, macOS® or Windows, TFORMer SDK is available for all operating systems.

Server Side Reporting (Thin Clients)

The TFORMer reporting component can be installed on the web server. In this scenario all documents are generated server-side and passed to the client (browser) via download or email.

This solution is browser independent, supports thin clients and performs everything on the server.

Graph showing support of thin clients

Client Side Report Generator

The TFORMer reporting component can be used on the client as well. On demand with automatic download and installation from within the browser (Microsoft® Internet Explorer required). A client script in the web page triggers the output - direct printout as well as PDF generation is possible. The layout templates can be obtained from the client's file system or downloaded through the web.

The solution works for the user full automatically - a lot of procedures can be programmed. If you want, you can display a printer selection dialog.

Web Reporting Made Easy

  • The graphical layout and the "intelligent forms" shift most programming and computation work into TFORMer. Less programming is required - also for generating PDF reports.
  • TFORMer generates and prints bar codes on all printers (having a Windows printer driver) - you don't need any special bar code printer!
  • You need only a browser to implement your User-Interface.
  • The output of complex reports or forms is comfortable and easily possible.

Integrated PDF Generator

If you need a report or an invoice in PDF format (e.g. for sending per email), TFORMer accomplishes your tasks easily.

Create PDF that is Adobe® Acrobat® Compatible with only 5 lines of code

Set TFormer = Server.CreateObject ("TFormer75Lib.TFormer")
Set PrintJob = TFormer.CreateJob 
PrintJob.RepositoryName ="MyFormLayout.tff"
PrintJob.PrinterName = "PDF:C:\MyDocument.PDF"

High Throughput with Efficient PDF Generation

TFORMer uses an internally developed PDF creator, which does not rely on third party tools. This engine was designed to deliver high stability and performance demanded by 24/7 applications. Also the generation of a very efficient and therefore slim PDF document structure was focused.

Web Reporting with .NET and COM API

The programmable TFORMer SDK module can be used in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, VB, VBScript, Perl and other web scripting tools. Bar codes are embedded in the PDF document as vector graphics; this is the highest possible quality.

Online PDF Generator Demo

The PDF creator feature for web reporting is available online and can be tried out right now. The demo allows creation of arbitrary forms; the VDA-4902 shipping label is pre-adjusted. Uploading your own TFORMer layouts is supported. Simply fill out the online form and submit. After that, you will receive the label in PDF format per email.

TFORMer SDK in a Hosted Solution

Especially for compliance labeling applications more and more companies are outsourcing their label generation to a separate document provider (e.g. through a web service).

Through a web portal the users (customers as well as company members) can generate their labels. The label design can be adapted to the requirements of the service vendor. A great benefit is the implemented barcode generation feature of TFORMer.

Graph showing TFORMer SDK in a hosted solution