TFORMer SDK Command Line Reporting Software

TFPrint, the command line reporting component of TFORMer SDK, integrates form printing and report generator functions in batch jobs and shell scripts.

Label Printing from Command Line

The command line reporting software, TFPrint, is the ideal solution if you like to embed label printing and reporting in batch jobs or shell scripts. Only 3 input parameters are necessary to generate the desired output:

  • Name of the document layout
  • Data (as file or SQL SELECT statement)
  • Output device (file or printer)

The TFPrint application is very easy: All print job parameters are given as command line arguments (e.g. the form name). You can start TFPrint by means of DOS commands, or simply by invoking it within your application (so called spawning or ShellExecute in ORACLE®, Perl, PHP, JAVA...).

Workflow for label printing from command line
  1. Provide payload (file or database)
  2. Adjust data source, form and output medium using parameters in TFPrint
  3. Print directly or export as PDF/HTML/Graphic

Reporting Software for All Platforms

TFPrint is part of TFORMer SDK and therefore available for all major operating systems (like Windows, Linux®, UNIX® and macOS®).

TFPrint Sample Calls

Some examples on how you can call TFPrint from command line or per batch job are listed below:

The following sample prints the VDA 4902 Label on the available local printer:

        -F VDA4902.tff 
        -D VDA4902.csv -DT TEXT -DO SC, QC"
        -O "VDA_Labelprinter" -OT WIN32
  • Specify layout file: -F VDA4902.tff
  • Specify CSV data file and import data type: -D VDA4902.csv -DT TEXT
  • Specify comma as CSV separator character: -DO SC,
  • Specify double quotes as CSV string qualifier: QC".
  • Specify printer: -O "VDA_Labelprinter" -OT WIN32

The following sample shows the output of the same VDA4902 transport label as PDF file (-O VDA4902.pdf -OT PDF):

        -F VDA4902.tff 
        -D VDA4902.csv -DT TEXT -DO SC, QC"
        -O VDA4902.pdf -OT PDF