TFORMer SDK: Reporting for JAVA, COM, .NET, DLL

The reporting engine TFORMer SDK offers software components (JAVA, COM, .NET, DLL), which can be embedded into your application: Microsoft® Office, Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET, Visual C/C++, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and many more.

Reporting and Form Printing with Your Application

TFORMer SDK can be used to generate the output in perfect quality as part of your application. Embed the report writer into scripts, office applications and conventional software projects. For this you can choose one of the following reporting components (APIs) from the SDK:


  • For integration in J2EE architectures (web applications or web services) and GUI applications (e.g. Swing, AWT).
  • Available for Microsoft® Windows, macOS®, Linux® and UNIX®.


  • All .NET based programming languages in Microsoft® Windows: Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, Visual C++ .NET, Delphi .NET (and more).
  • Visual Studio .NET 2015 / 2019 / 2022
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1+, .NET Standard 2.1
  • Web Applications: ASP.NET 2.0
  • Borland C# Builder, Embarcadero Delphi .NET
  • C#/CLR on Linux® and macOS® via MONO (cross platform, open source .NET development framework)


  • Visual Basic®, VB6, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual FoxPro
  • Visual Studio 2010 / 2015 / 2019 / 2022
  • Microsoft Dynamics®, Navision®
  • Microsoft® Office: Word, Access, Excel®, InfoPath®
  • Browser applications: HTML pages with VBScript or JavaScript (MS IE)
  • Web applications: ASP, PHP
  • Borland Delphi, Embarcadero Delphi
  • Scripting languages: VBScript, Perl, Phyton (PhytonWin), ColdFusion

DLL or Shared Library

  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010 / 2015 / 2019 / 2022
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0
  • Borland C++ Builder, Embarcadero Delphi
  • For Microsoft® Windows, macOS®, Linux® and UNIX® platforms

TFORMer Workflow

  • Create form layouts with TFORMer Designer
  • Integrate the report SDK writer component in your application or script
  • Provide print data as file, database query or program code
  • Print the desired form directly or export it as PDF/HTML/Graphic/PostScript file

The graphic below shows the principal data flow of TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK.

Data flow of TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK: Layout, Application, Output

VDA4902 Label Printing

The following sample shows you how to apply TFORMer SDK in VB Script (Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting). This example is available with the installation of TFORMer:

Create the required instances of the TFORMer COM objects.

Set tformer = CreateObject("TFormer8Lib.TFormer")
Set printJob = tformer.CreateJob ' Create an output job

Adjust the form layout using repository (..\..\Demo Repository\Demos.tfr), project (TFORMer_Runtime_Examples) and form name (BarcodeLabels) according to your needs:

printJob.RepositoryName = "..\..\Demo Repository\Demos.tfr"
printJob.ProjectName = "TFORMer_Runtime_Examples"
printJob.FormName = "BarcodeLabels"

The data fields in the form are filled with the values taken from the data source. (NewDataSourceRecordSet). This is done directly from the program code (AddNewRecord and SetDataField). You can also import data field values by means of external database or files:

Set dataSource = printJob.NewDataSourceRecordSet

dataSource.SetDataField "ArticleName", "Mac Adapter"
dataSource.SetDataField "ArticleNo", "12001234"
dataSource.SetDataField "ArticlePrice", "39,00"

Form printing and exporting. Choose from an output device or an export format (here the pdf file output.pdf):

printJob.PrinterName = "PDF:" & objEnv("TMP") & "\output.pdf"