Reporting Software & Report Generator

Cross-platform reporting software for client & server applications.

Layouts are designed with TFORMer Report Designer and printed immediately with imported or manual data. Developers use the Reporting SDK for generating output as part of their applications - in any output format, independent from data bases or operating systems.

Report Designer & Report Generator

TFORMer Designer

Report Designer

With the TFORMer Designer reporting software, developers and end users are able to design and print arbitrary documents, reports, forms and labels at their own choice.

TFORMer Designer meets all your demands: reports, tables, lists, forms, labels, serial letters, bills of delivery, invoices, vouchers, etc. can be drafted and designed easily without programming skills.

For reporting with print and export functions, you integrate the TFORMer Reporting SDK into your application. The complete output logic is encapsulated in the document layouts: The layout is supplied with dynamic data and printed directly or exported as file.

Advanced features like scripting, conditional output, bar codes, formatted text and Unicode support provide exactly the flexibility you are looking for.

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Reporting Generator SDK


Report Generator SDK

Whether direct printing, PDF, PostScript®, Bitmap or HTML format, with the TFORMer Reporting SDK your application creates high quality output.

Document layouts from TFORMer Designer and dynamic data from your application (or an external source) serve as basis for creating your reports.

Reporting can be easily integrated in all scenarios by using the .NET, DLL, EXE, JAVA and COM components of TFORMer SDK. Client-side reporting, server-side reporting, direct printing, PDF, PostScript®, image or HTML output are the most typical applications.

TFORMer SDK is a cross-platform report generator. The software is available for Microsoft® Windows, Linux®, UNIX® and Mac OS X®.

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Zoomed-in barcode label created with TFORMer

TFORMer Server

Output Management and Reporting Server

Server based output-solution for reporting and labeling. Flexible document design, centralized management and high quality bar-code support are included.

No special printers required! Open connectivity - can be used with AS/400, UNIX, Microsoft® Windows - or with SAP ERP, R/3, ORACLE and more!