Label Printing Software (Barcode/QR/2D)

Advanced software for barcode, QR and 2D code label printing, developed by TEC-IT.

TFORMer label printing software delivers exceptional design and printing capabilities paired with outstanding usability. Be ready to cover even future demands for label printing, barcode, QR and 2D code labeling, and form printing in various output formats (printer, PDF, PostScript, images, ZPL, ....).

Label Software, Label Program

TFORMer Designer

Label Software, Label Program

Looking to swiftly create and print labels, barcode/QR/2D code labels, or industry-compliant forms? Look no further than TFORMer Designer, the advanced label software that gets the job done in mere minutes!

Whether you're crafting your own labels or utilizing predefined templates, TFORMer offers seamless solutions. Label templates cater to automotive, transport, and logistic needs, including those for AIAG, VDA-4902, AMES-T, GTL, Galia, Odette, or GS1. Say goodbye to layout design hassles.

TFORMer seamlessly integrates with printers, databases, and external data files. Its comprehensive features, including dynamic layouts, an integrated barcode, QR and 2D code generator, Unicode and rich text support, simplify even the most intricate labeling tasks.

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Label Printing Software Component


Label Printing Automation SDK

The TFORMer Labeling SDK is an ideal choice for automating label printing and output tasks.

Comprising JAVA API, ActiveX® Control, .NET Component, DLL, the command line printing tool tfprint, and QuickPrint — a user-friendly GUI for on-demand label printing — TFORMer SDK offers versatile label software components.

Integrate the TFORMer Labeling SDK into your application, allowing you to print label and form layouts with data sourced from your app or database. TFORMer SDK provides highly flexible and performant solutions, whether printing directly or exporting as PDF, HTML, PostScript®, ZPL-II, or various image formats.

Explore the TFORMer SDK in action through our online label generator.

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TFORMer AutoDoc

Automated Document Generation Software

TFORMer AutoDoc offers a straightforward yet robust solution for automated document generation. It seamlessly integrates form layouts designed with TFORMer Designer, combining them with diverse data provided through XML or text files. Supporting multiple output channels, TFORMer AutoDoc allows you to send documents to Windows-compatible printers, save them as PDF files, or send them via email.

Operating without the need for user interaction, TFORMer AutoDoc functions as a background Windows system service. Streamlining configuration, all parameters can be adjusted within a single configuration file. TFORMer AutoDoc is compatible with both TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK.

Zoomed-in barcode label created with TFORMer

TFORMer Server

Industrial Output Management

TFORMer Server stands out as a scalable, industry-tailored output solution designed for automated labeling and form printing. With seamlessly integrated, full-featured barcode, QR code, and 2D code support, it ensures the reliable printing of graphically designed layouts for forms, reports, and labels in a 24/7 operational environment. TFORMer Server effortlessly handles printing requests from various host applications, such as ERP systems like SAP® or ORACLE®, and guarantees hassle-free output on a wide range of printers.