BlueBooking Version History

Version history, improvements, updates, hot-fixes and bug-fixes for the event check-in software BlueBooking.

Tickets, badges or passes of your guests are scanned swiftly, reliably and discreetly with smartphones, wireless barcode scanners or NFC/RFID readers.




  • Security Hotfix: zlib 1.2.12
    The updated zlib version 1.2.12 fixes security issue CVE-2018-25032.
  • OpenSSL
    Updated to OpenSSL version 1.1.1h.


Features / Enhancements

  • New Response Text
    textScanInterval: If the same data was scanned multiple times within the given time interval (to_validScans_ms).

Bug Fixes

  • Detection of Multiple Scans
    The to_validScans_ms is now applied correctly in all new booking modes.
  • Booking Logic for "Daily Check-In/Check-Out"
    In the mode "Daily Check-In/Check-Out" the user can now always check-in on a new day (even without previous check-out).
  • Detect Scanner Disconnects
    Fixed the detection of scanner disconnects. Sometimes the disconnected scanners remained green and no auto-reconnect was triggered.


Features / Enhancements

  • Improved Heavy Load Performance
    It is now possible to specify time intervals for saving the member list and for refreshing the member list view in order to save CPU time.
  • Booking Information with Scanner Name
    The booking information consist of two fields now: booking time and scanner name.
  • New Booking Modes
    Added booking modes "Multiple Check-In", "Daily Check-In" and "Daily Check-In/Check-Out".
  • Restrict Bookings to specified Days
    New columns for specifying valid days and/or number of different days.
  • New Response Text
    textScanDate: If the scan could not be recorded due to date restrictions (colValidDates, colValidDays).
  • Response Text Placeholders
    In the scanner response texts it is now possible to use placeholders like %t for the booking time, %n for the scanner name, or %f(name) for the value of the imported field 'name'.
  • Response Character Encoding
    Send responses in the same character encoding as specified for reading.

Bug Fixes

  • ANR after adding a TCP Server to the Scanner List
    Fixed a problem that caused an "application not responding" after adding a TCP Server via the scanner dialog.
  • Crash when Adding a Member to an Empty List
    Fixed a crash when pressing the New button in an empty member list (e.g., directly after installation).
  • Column Customization
    Fixed the column customization in the configuration file. The attributes colList and/or colEdit were not always applied correctly.
  • Edit Member Dialog
    The user can now edit the newest (instead of the oldest) booking data for members with multiple check-ins and/or check-outs.
  • Auto-Update Booking Mode after Removing the Check-Out Columns
    When removing the check-out columns in the configuration file, the automatic fallback to the mode "Check-In Only" is now applied correctly (display and booking logic).