Data Acquisition and Data Collection Software

Stationary Data Collection with Desktop Computers

The flexible data collection software TWedge processes data received from arbitrary devices (e.g. scales, gauges or scanners) connected via any type of interface (USB, serial interface, Bluetooth®, UDP, TCP/IP) to desktop computers. The software BlueBooking is used to monitor the coming and going (check-in / check-out) of attendees, visitors or pupils at events like fairs or lectures.

Data Acquisition with Keyboard Wedge / Software Wedge


Data Acquisition Software for Windows

The versatile and universal data acquisition software TWedge extends arbitrary applications with flexible real-time data collection.

Applications like Microsoft® Excel usually do not offer the possibility to capture device data. TWedge provides the solution to this problem: This software wedge collects device data and forwards it directly to your target application. TWedge supports communication via TCP/IP, UDP, Bluetooth®, serial ports (RS232, RS485, virtual COM ports) and with USB HID devices like gauges, scales, keyboards and barcode scanners.

This data collection app is easy to use — TWedge provides preconfigured templates for the most common data acquisition scenarios. With just a few clicks, collected data can be simulated as keystrokes, stored directly in databases, spread-sheets and files, or forwarded to other connected devices or systems. If required, all aspects of the data acquisition logic can be configured by the integrated scripting capabilities.

The processing capabilities are unlimited — just check it out!

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BlueBooking - Event Check-In Software


Event Check-In Software

Every successful event begins with a friendly and professional welcome of the guests. The software BlueBooking ensures event check-ins without a hitch — the arrival of your guests is booked reliably by discreetly scanning a barcode or NFC/RFID tag.

The advantages? Confusion and delays during the check-in process are avoided, you are able to concentrate on the guests and their requirements. As organizer, event manager or lecturer you are able to keep track of each single visitor and to assess the success of the event at any time. The current list of attendees and the visitor statistics are available immediately, attendance checks are simple.

BlueBooking is the ideal boarding software for up to 10 check-in stations. Internet connectivity is not required, your data is secure. The guests are registered with off-the-shelf barcode scanners (stationary, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), Android smartphones or NFC/RFID readers.

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Event Check-In Software
Data Acquisition ActiveX Software


Data Acquisition ActiveX Control

The product TConnector will not be further developed. Solutions for stationary data collection can be found in the overview Data Acquisition Software.

The data acquisition software component TConnector makes seamless data collection easy.

Insert TConnector into your application or into Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Microsoft Visual C++®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Delphi, … and you are able to capture data from any device (bar code reader, RFID controller, …) within minutes.

Two operating modes are available for data transfer: synchronous communication (read/write) and asynchronous event-triggered communication (OnData event). The unified API supports serial port (RS232, COM) read/write, TCP/IP read/write, NULL device and File-IO read/write with only 5 function calls! The built-in TCP/IP support simplifies intranet-based applications considerably.

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RFID Data Collection Software Component for Datalogic RFID Controller EMS Cobalt

RFID Controller Software

RFID Controller Data Acquisition Component

This product will not be further developed. Solutions for stationary data collection can be found in the overview Data Acquisition Software.

Using this RFID controller software component you are able to communicate with EMS Cobalt HF controllers (a product of Datalogic® Automation RFID) from within your application. With a few simple commands (tag memory read/write …) RFID tag data can be transmitted and processed.

The communication protocol for the Cobalt RFID controller is encapsulated completely by this product. The current operational state can be queried at any time and provide exact information in each situation.

This RFID software component offers a Microsoft® COM and a Microsoft ActiveX® programming interface. Thus, it is easily used with scripting languages like VBS (Visual Basic Scripting) and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications like Microsoft® Office, Word, Excel® Access, etc.). It is also just a matter of minutes to integrate RFID connectivity in software developed with Visual Basic, Visual C/C++ and virtually all other programming languages.

  • For EMS (Datalogic® Automation RFID) Cobalt HF Series, EMS HF 0405-xx
  • RS-232/422 connectivity with ABx Fast protocol
  • Reads and writes all RFID tags supported by the controller

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ISO15693 and ISO14443A

ABx Fast Protocol

Many RFID Tag Types


Data Collection Software for Mobile Devices

The product TWedgeCE will not be further developed. Solutions for mobile data collection can be found in the overview Mobile Data Acquisition and Inventory Apps.

The data collection software TWedgeCE provides generic data acquisition features for mobile devices.

This keyboard wedge software enables you to capture data from external devices (e.g. bar code readers and electronic scales) with any Pocket PC®, Windows CE® or Windows Mobile® application. TWedgeCE supports RS232 (serial interface, COM), Bluetooth®, TCP and UDP connections.

How does it work? TWedgeCE reads device data and forwards it to target applications by simulating keystrokes (keyboard wedge operation). Flexible automation functions are available — e.g. you can select the required input field automatically, activate or start applications on demand, or simulate function keys based on input data. Programming knowledge is not required for using this software tool.

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Keyboard Wedge

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