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Word/Excel Barcode Add-In: TBarCode Office Serviceupdate

2024/01/25 | TBarCode Office V11.1.0
TBarCode Office V11.1 supporting centered barcodes and 2D-codes

We are pleased to present to you the latest update of our popular Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. In addition to updating basic components, the following improvements have been made in TBarCode Office:

  • Centered Barcodes and 2D-Codes in Excel
    In the Barcode Add-In for Excel, barcodes and 2D-codes can now be automatically centered in cells. Activate this feature through the Add-In options.
  • Mail Merge Support and Other Corrections
    Various corrections relevant to Excel and Word have been implemented. This includes improvements to the selection of barcode objects in Excel and the optimization of various mail merge functions in Microsoft Word.
  • System Components
    The update of integration components for Microsoft Office ensures compatibility of the Add-In with current Microsoft Office and O365 versions. The core function of the barcode generator has also been updated with TBarCode Library 11.16.0, including minor error corrections and optimizations.

For more information, please refer to the version overview of the Barcode / 2D-Code Add-Ins.

This update is free of charge for users of TBarCode Office V11.x and for license holders of TBarCode Office with an active maintenance contract. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Document Security: TFORMer 8.6 with PDF-Encryption

2024/01/23 | TFORMer V8.6
TFORMer Update 8.6 with PDF-Encryption

Dear TFORMer users,

the recently released update of TFORMer, our barcode label and reporting software, brings the following improvements:

What's New?

  • PDF Encryption
    The new version 8.6 improves document security by generating encrypted PDF output files upon request. Corresponding input dialogs, document properties, SDK options, and configuration settings allow fine-tuning of encryption options for optimal security of the generated PDF files.
  • Advanced Output Options
    More complex layouts, such as those with overlapping print areas, can now be designed with finer control over the output position of print areas. Additionally, the new version supports the creation of individual files per output page during image export. The filenames of page-specific output files are adjustable through the Document Name property.
  • Further Improvements
    The new online update check ensures you never miss an update. Barcodes and 2D codes are printed even more precisely, support for color/monochrome printing and printing to files has been expanded, and you can now permanently set default printers or default folders.
    A detailed overview of the extensions, improvements, and bug fixes can be found in the TFORMer version overview.

The update is available as a free download: Download TFORMer V8.6. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note for existing customers: An update within the same major version (e.g., from V8.5 to V8.6) is free, license keys remain valid, and the API (Application Programming Interface) remains compatible!

Update Now: Enhanced Scanning & Global OCR in Scan-IT to Office!

2024/01/21 | Unleashed Scanning, Multi-Script OCR, and Seamless Experience Await

Exciting news for Scan-IT to Office users! Our development team worked hard to incorporate often-demanded features. Our latest Android version brings enhanced features, including:

  • Confident Scanning: Camera-Scanner Live Preview
    The built-in Selective Camera Scanner engine now offers improved accuracy, speed and pinch-to-zoom. As a highlight the Selective Scanner features a live preview of encoded data directly in the camera view for swift scanning feedback. Easily select the code to be scanned with a single tap.
    The Selective Camera Scanner is the new default scanner for new app installations. Users can configure the default scanner in the app's settings.
  • Streamlined Scanner Usage
    The default barcode scanner chosen in the app's settings now applies universally, even in input forms, providing a seamless scanning experience.
  • Go International with Global OCR (Image to Text) Recognition
    Our OCR scanner now additionally recognizes non-Latin scripts, including Chinese - 中国人, Devanagari - देवनागरी , Japanese - 日本語 , Korean - 한국인, expanding language support.
  • Productivity Boost with Split-Screen Support
    Enjoy split-screen support for the Selective Scanner and the OCR scanner whenever supported by your Android version.
  • ZEBRA Hardware Scanner Integration
    Improved hardware scanner support on ZEBRA devices, now functioning on input forms as well.
  • Bug Fixes and Other Improvements
    We've addressed various bugs and made additional improvements (see version history for details.

Update Now for an Optimized Scan-IT to Office Experience!
Scan-IT to Office is available on Google Play, App Store or - for bulk applications - directly from TEC-IT. A paid app subscription removes all limitations of the free demo. Accompanying receiving software like the Microsoft Office Add-In (Word/Excel), the Smart Database Connector, the Google Sheets Add-On, ... is free.

For further information, visit our product web page https://tec-it.com/sto. In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us.