Barcode Generator for .NET (Linear, 2D and GS1 Barcodes)

Advanced Barcode Generator SDK for C# .NET, VB.NET and ASP.NET

TBarCode is a professional and flexible .NET class library which creates and prints all popular barcode formats in your .NET Framework-based application. TBarCode supports more than 100 bar code symbologies (linear barcodes, QR, 2D bar codes, GS1 DataBar etc) and has proven its reliability at many companies throughout the world.

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Barcode Generator SDK

Full .NET Integration

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Linear Barcodes

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The Barcode Generator SDK allows you to generate more than 100 bar code symbologies.

Barcode Generator for .NET

.NET Barcode Software

TBarCode .NET is a versatile barcode component designed to be used with VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET and all other .NET applications.

TBarCode provides the following .NET barcode software components:

  • Barcode Library for .NET 5, .NET 6, Core 3.x, and NET Standard 2.x
  • Barcode Assembly for .NET Framework 4.5+
    ‣ Barcode Class
    ‣ Barcode WinForms Control
    ‣ Barcode ASP.NET 2.0 Web Forms Control
  • TBarCode Library (native barcode generator core)

Easy Programming

TBarCode offers powerful barcode generator capabilities in a slim and well structured programming interface. The .NET barcode classes of TBarCode integrate seamlessly in development environments like Visual Studio .NET or other .NET development and reporting tools.

// Create a TBarCode instance
 var barcode = new Barcode();

 // Set barcode type
 barcode.BarcodeType = BarcodeType.QRCode;

 // Set data to encode
 barcode.Data = "YourDataHere";

 // Resize to optimal quality
 barcode.Dpi = 300;
 Size optimalSize = barcode.CalculateOptimalBitmapSize(null, 6, 6);
 barcode.BoundingRectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, optimalSize.Width,  optimalSize.Height);

 // Save the barcode image to a file
 barcode.Draw("MyFirstQRCode.jpg", ImageType.Jpg);

NET Barcode Generator - FREE Demo Version

Try the unlimited demo version of TBarCode. Get started quick and easy with included sample code and free support!

Note: In addition to the .NET barcode components, TBarCode also includes a Barcode ActiveX® Control and a Barcode DLL at no extra costs.

Barcode Generator with full .NET Support

TBarCode provides full .NET integration support and is available for all .NET development environments: Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft C# .NET, VB .NET, ASP.NET, Borland C# Builder for Microsoft .NET, Crystal Reports for .NET and many more.

Advantages of TBarCode at a Glance

  • Generates bar codes in a completely printer independent way.
  • Easy to use via a clear programming interface.
  • Supports all popular bar code formats (linear and 2D/QR codes).
  • Provides bar codes in perfect quality - in bitmap and vector formats.
  • Creates bar codes in all development environments.
  • Save barcodes in image files as well as byte stream
  • Flexible adjustment of all barcode properties.
  • and many more
TEC-IT Barcode NuGet Package

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