TBarCode SDK - Web Barcode Software

TBarCode SDK is the ideal barcode software for generating barcodes on a web server. It enables you to create completely browser independent bar code applications in ASP.NET, ASP and PHP. This is the easiest way to create barcodes in web applications, no additional software or fonts are required on client-side.

Barcode Software for the Web

Bar Codes on the Web Server

The barcode software component TBarCode SDK simplifies bar code generation in web applications (Internet, Intranet) immensely.

High Performance
The bar code is generated in image format, held in memory and sent directly to the browser - there is no roundabout through the hard drive of the server necessary - time consuming resource cleanup is dropped.
Quick Integration
The advantage for programmers: The provided sample code for ASP.NET, ASP and PHP can be wrapped into the respective application in most cases without changes.
Low License Costs
TBarCode SDK is available in a variety of flexible license types to meet your specific needs; thus, in most cases one single web license is enough to cover all end users of a web application.

With this Online Bar Code Generator you can generate almost every bar code type in arbitrary output quality directly in the browser window.

Data Flow between Browser and Web Server

Data Flow between Browser and Web Server

The above scheme describes the data flow by means of ASP and ASP.NET. This principle works the same way in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion and other dynamic web applications.

TBarCode SDK adds barcode streaming generation capability to all web applications and development environments that can display a dynamic URL (like MS Word or reporting software such as Crystal Reports and FileMaker).

Barcode Generator for ASP, ASP.NET and PHP

TBarCode SDK supports all common used development environments for web applications: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP (and more). The following sample scripts for web based barcode generation are provided:

  • Barcode generation in ASP.NET C#, VB
    (uses TBarCode .NET as Barcode ASP.NET WebForms Control)
  • Barcode generation in ASP with VBScript
    (uses TBarCode OCX)
  • Barcode generation in PHP
    (uses TBarCode OCX)
  • More sample code (e.g. ColdFusion, Perl...) available on request

Most of the samples are included in the setup, which you can download here. If you have questions, please contact our Support.