TBarCode InForm: 2D Barcode Software for InfoPath® & SharePoint®

Benefit from the advantages of 2D bar codes in Microsoft InfoPath®, SharePoint® or Forms Services.

Barcodes for InfoPath, MOSS

Paper connectivity

Electronic workflows

2D bar codes

Barcode Technology for Microsoft Products

Barcodes for InfoPath & SharePoint

TBarCode InForm embeds printed documents in electronic workflows. It contains an all-in-one barcode solution and supports all linear and 2D barcodes in common use.

This 2D barcode software provides the content of a document in a machine readable form. Paper-based documents can be processed automatically. Manual and error-prone data acquisition is eliminated, turn-around time is decreased and costs are reduced.


2D Barcodes

2D Bar Codes

2D Bar Codes for large Forms

TBarCode InForm was designed to encode as much form-content as required. Multiple barcode symbols are created automatically for larger amounts of data. In addition, TBarCode InForm compresses data on demand. This increases the data density, thereby utilizing the available space of a document in the best possible way.



Encoder directly embedded
or hosted on server

Keeps original XML structure

Full Language Support

Data Flow (Encoding / Decoding)

Data Flow TBarCode InForm within Microsoft InfoPath.

TBarCode InForm Encoder is embedded into Microsoft InfoPath forms or combined with Microsoft SharePoint web-based forms. It encodes the form content in a machine readable form by using 2D bar codes like Data Matrix (ECC200), QR-Code, PDF417, MicroPDF417...

TBarCode InForm Decoder transforms printed, scanned or faxed documents back into their XML structure.

TBarCode InForm is able to encode the original XML structure of the InfoPath form and therefore simplifies further processing. TBarCode InForm encodes and decodes UNICODE (UTF-8) thus all languages and character sets are supported.

Compliance: Barcodes generated by TBarCode InForm comply with barcode standards and can be read with off-the-shelf decoders.


InfoPath, SharePoint and MOSS

Availability of this Barcode Software Solution

This barcode software solution is optimized for Microsoft InfoPath and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Barcode technology is combined with forms under use of Microsoft .NET and ActiveX technology. It is available for server as well as client applications. In addition TBarCode InForm can also be used in other environments.

TEC-IT provides remote or on-site solution development and supports your Microsoft SharePoint development team.

Microsoft Products used: Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services, Applications For Windows SharePoint Services.