BlueBooking Shows „Invalid Scans" When Reading a Bar Code

“Invalid Scans” in BlueBooking is shown when the read data isn’t found in the customer list. The reason for that can be that the scanner is adding a pre- or a suffix to the read data. For example, you’re using our Wireless Barcode Scanner app for Android. Wireless Barcode Scanner is adding a “\r\n” (carriage return and line feed) to the read data. This suffix is causing the trouble.

There are now two possible ways to solve this problem:

  1. With BlueBooking predefined scripts are installed.
    Therefore, please open the “Scanners” tab. Then unlock the configuration (select box at the bottom) and double-click the device. In the scanner settings you can now click “Load Predefined Scripts…” and choose the “settings Android Wireless Barcode Scanner.xml” file. See also the BlueBooking scanner settings here.
  2. Switch off the pre- or suffix of the scanner.
    Open the settings of the Wireless Barcode Scanner app and remove the “\r\n” from the “Suffix” setting.