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TFORMer 8.5 With Improved Zebra Printer Support

2023/04/14 | TFORMer V8.5
TFORMer Minor Update 8.5

TFORMer, TEC-IT's professional barcode label and reporting software, offers a scope of features to make label designing and printing most flexible and best meet user requirements. With this new update 8.5, we're introducing refined usability and improved Zebra® printer support.

What's New?

  • ZPL® Output
    The internal Zebra printer driver now reduces the job size by image cropping. Furthermore, we have added ZIP compression, which is now the default compression of the embedded image. Horizontal and vertical lines are no longer anti-aliased, and we also disabled anti-aliasing for image scaling. This improves quality and provides a more crisp printed image.
  • Default Printer
    Based on customer feedback we have added the possibility to define an individual application default printer. You can choose between the system default printer, the last used printer and a user defined printer. Additionally you can save the last used directories for file outputs, images, form files and ZUGFeRD files.
  • Label Design
    We added the ability to lock layers and components in the layout. Users cannot select or move them unless they are unlocked. Improved fine positioning of elements - the small-move value is now based on the tenth of the grid size (metric system).
  • Data Formatting
    New formatting functions for RFID programming: AnsiToHex(), DecToHex(), TextToHex().
  • Print-To-File
    For quick debugging and testing purposes, the print job can be redirected to a file via an SDK print option. This option is also available in the print dialog.
  • Print Kernel
    Several fixes in the new print kernel like better column break handling in dynamic-width detail bands, corrected handling of soft-line breaks (justified type) and correct positioning of report footers have been added.
  • For further improvements and fixes, please see TFORMer Version History

The update can be tested as free demo version: Download TFORMer 8.5. Please contact us in case of questions.

Note for existing customers: An update within the same major product version (e.g. from version 8.3 to version 8.5) is free, the license keys are still valid and the API (programming interface) is compatible!