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NEW: Attractive Job Offers for Mobile App Developers

2022/07/01 | Available Positions for Smart Developers
Developers for Mobile Apps (Android/iOS/Full Stack)

TEC-IT currently offers two vacancies for developers of mobile apps:

Expect an experienced and motivated team, a hybrid working model that takes your needs into account, sophisticated engineering, and the development of exciting applications and solutions.

Apply Now!

Please send your documents (motivation + CV) directly to me:

  • Günter Kriegl (office@tec-it.com)
  • The initial meeting will be held in German and/or English as a virtual meeting (Google Meet).
  • Directions

ZLIB Vulnerability CVE-2018-25032: Hotfix Available

2022/04/14 | ZLIB Vulnerability CVE-2018-25032 
ZLIB Vulnerability CVE-2018-25032 

A recently discovered vulnerability in zlib (see CVE-2018-25032), a data compression and decompression software component, requires the update of some TEC-IT products and services.

Updated product versions using zlib.dll v.1.2.12 are already available for download on tec-it.com, we recommend installing the hotfixes at your earliest convenience.

We hope this information is helpful and are at your disposal for any questions via mail to support@tec-it.com.

Best Regards, TEC-IT

New: Mobile Data Collection App for Stocktaking

2022/03/22 | A Capable Alternative to Dedicated Data Acquisition Equipment
Mobile Data Collection and Stocktaking - Scan-IT to Office Android/iOS

Scan-IT to Office is a capable alternative to conventional mobile data collection devices and wireless barcode scanners. The app transmits mobile collected data in real-time to target applications - completely independent of their location. The collected data is immediately available for further processing. Scan-IT to Office combines simple configuration with flexibility and covers an entire range of functions: from plain barcode scanning up to tracking and inventory applications with database connectivity.

What's New?
This update offers the following features:

  • Inventory and Asset Management
    Added ready-to-use forms for inventory/stocktaking with automated quantity management (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets).
  • Check-In/Check-Out
    Added ready-to-use forms for attendee tracking and check-in/check-out (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets).
  • Bi-Directional Communication
    Added the capability to send data from a target application to the mobile app (e.g. success or info messages). In this version, such feedback messages are immediately presented to the user.
  • Improved Support for Microsoft SQL Server
    SQL Server is now included in the setup procedure. A suitable database for basic inventory and event check-in/check-out functions will be installed automatically.
  • Customizable Stored Procedures
    Stored procedures (e.g. when using SQL Server) can be customized to meet custom requirements for interactive forms.
  • Other Enhancements
    Improved history function, tap to copy scanned data to the clipboard, user interface clean-up, internal improvements, various bug fixes, etc.

Try it for Free!
Scan-IT to Office is available on Google Play, on App Store or - for bulk applications - directly from TEC-IT. A paid app subscription removes all limitations of the free demo. Accompanying receiving software like the Microsoft Office (Word/Excel), the Smart Database Connector, the Google Sheets Add-On, ... is free in any case.

For further information visit our product web page: https://tec-it.com/sto. In case of questions, please contact us.

New: Unify Labeling Across Suppliers and Locations

2022/03/08 | Share Labels with Suppliers and Colleagues
Online Label Generator Improvements: Label Sharing with Suppliers, Label Updates

With TEC-IT's Online Label Generator users generate industry standard labels with variable data. A software installation is not required for label printing, the application is completely browser-based and generates the labels as printable, high-quality PDFs.

The recently published update focuses on:

  • Unify Labeling with Label Sharing
    Subscribers now have the possibility to share label layouts with other users. Thanks to the centrally managed layouts, uniform labeling across suppliers, colleagues and applications is easily possible.
  • New and Updated Labels
    The new version adds or improves support for the following label standards: VDA 4992, VDA 4994, BOSCH GTL (Rev. 2022), BOSCH MAT labels, BOSCH NEUTRAL labels and GM 1724 (Rev. 2020) labels.
  • Label Layout Upload
    Labels designed with TFORMer Designer V8 can be uploaded to the online label generator.
  • Improved Filtering
    A new filter selector improves label data management.

Try the Online Label Generator for free and print industry standard labels without any design efforts! In case of questions we are glad to assist you, please contact us.

Update: Scanner Keyboard Adjusts Scanned Data Automatically

2022/03/04 | Scanner Keyboard for Android
Scanner Keyboard V3.7.0 – Adjust Scanned Data to Meet Target App Requirements

Scanner Keyboard, TEC-IT's keyboard app for Android devices, offers integrated support for reading barcodes, 2D codes, NFC tags and text from images. Users save time by tapping the extra scanner key: the required scanner is invoked, data is read and immediately entered into the target app.

The latest update incorporates support for automated data adjustments. So-called regular expressions adapt scanned data to the format required by the target app. Templates for common use cases like

  • remove check-digits from barcode data,
  • eliminate leading zeroes,
  • remove leading and trailing spaces,
  • extract specific parts of the scanned data,
  • and many more
are included.

Free Demo, App Download

The demo version of Scanner Keyboard is free. Install this keyboard app using one of these links:

Further Information

Visit the product web page for further information. In case of questions or feedback, please contact TEC-IT!

New: ZATCA QR Code Generator for KSA e-Invoices

2022/02/18 | ZATCA QR Code - Phase 1
ZATCA QR Code  - Phase 1 - used in the KSA for e-invoicing

With TEC-IT's free online barcode generator, users generate tens of thousands linear and 2D codes daily.

The latest update of this online service includes support for creating ZATCA QR Codes for e-invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The KSA rolls out electronic invoicing in two phases. The first phase, using a limited set of data fields for the ZATCA QR Code, started as of December 4th, 2021. The second phase, using all specified data fields (additional hash of XML invoice, ECDSA signature, ECDSA public key, ECDSA signature of the cryptographic stamp's public key by ZATCA's technical CA), is scheduled to start on January 1st, 2023.

Direct link to the online ZATCA QR generator: Free ZATCA QR Code Phase 1 Generator
More Information: ZATCA - KSA

The created ZATCA QR codes can be used for testing purposes for free. We hope, this service is useful! Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Barcode Studio 16.2 - HP SmartStream Designer Integration

2022/02/16 | Barcode Studio V16.2
Download Barcode Studio 16.2 with HP SmartStream Designer Integration

TEC-IT's barcode maker software Barcode Studio enables users to generate and print arbitrary barcodes and 2D codes in perfect pre-press quality.

The recently released version 16.2 (Download) offers the following improvements:

  • Barcode Support
    V16.2 adds or updates support for GS1 Data Matrix, GS1 QR Code, Swiss QR Code, GS1 Application Identifiers and it introduces an ITF-14 barcode template and new check digit methods (Mod10, EAN14).
  • HP® SmartStream Designer Integration
    Barcode Studio V16.2 offers integration into HP's SmartStream Designer.
  • Improvements
    Introduces enhanced font handling, improved symbol size settings, localized error messages and spot color command line support.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed rounding issues in PDF exports and when using non-integer resolutions, fixed data import issues with space separators.
  • Barcode Generator Kernel
    This version was updated to use the current TBarCode Library V11.13.0 incorporating the latest enhancements.

For more details, check out the version history of Barcode Studio.

Licensees of Barcode Studio V16.x as well as owners of an active maintenance agreement are eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact us in case of questions.

TBarCode Office Enhancements

2022/02/14 | TBarCode Office V11.0.4

With TBarCode Office, users generate barcodes and 2D codes in next to no time! The new version of the TBarCode Office Add-In for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word (Download) offers the following improvements:

  • Barcode Generator Kernel
    This version was updated to use the current TBarCode Library V11.13.0 incorporating the latest enhancements.
  • Group Policy Support
    Fixed an issue with Microsoft Word if the Office group policy "Automation Security ➔ Disable Macros by default" has been set. The fix applies to Word 2016 and later.
    Fixed the error message "Objects hidden" in Microsoft Excel if the Office group policy "Disable VBA" has been set. The fix applies to Excel 2016 and later.
  • Registry Settings
    Added global settings (HKLM) to control the update check and the display of the promotion tag. Note that user settings (HKCU) may override the global settings.

For more details, check out the version history of the barcode add-in.

This update is free for all users of V11.x and all V10.x licensees holding an active maintenance agreement. Please contact us in case of questions.