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News on barcode software (barcode generators and barcode SDK for Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, SAP, Navision), 2D barcodes, label printing software, report generators, compliance labeling solutions and data acquisition tools.

New Version: Mobile Data Acquisition Software Wedge

2009/12/21 | TWedgeCE 2.0

TEC-IT released the new version of the keyboard wedge TWedgeCE2.0 - software for mobile data acquisition!

This data acquisition tool for mobile devices can be used on all Windows CE® based systems like mobile computers, PDAs, handhelds or terminals.

TWedgeCE 2.0 collects data from arbitrary devices and converts the received data into virtual keystrokes for the target application(s). The following device interfaces are supported:

  • Serial RS232 interface (including virtual COM ports)
  • TCP connections (client and server mode!)
  • UDP connections (client mode)
  • Native Bluetooth® (suitable Bluetooth stack required)

Because of virtual keystroke-simulation TWedgeCE can be used with all mobile applications! For more information check out the version history.

Download TWedgeCE 2.0

Social: Labeling Software for Welfare Institution Lebenshilfe

2009/11/17 | TFORMer Designer

Whenever possible TEC-IT supports social, cultural or charitable organizations. We are especially glad to provide the barcode label printing software TFORMer Designer to Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim located in Germany.

"Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim" are modern rehabilitation facilities standing up for the rights of disabled persons to take part in the professional as well as in the normal life of the community. As a powerful partner for business and industry, the Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim has developed an excellent reputation.

More information is available here (in German): Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim

New: Barcode Generator TBarCode - Video Tutorials!

2009/11/16 | TBarCode Videos

From today training videos for the barcode software component TBarCode are available at YouTube.

In the first video the installation of the barcode software component TBarCode is explained. The video also shows how to embed bar codes into Microsoft® Word documents and you learn how to adjust the bar code settings.

The second video shows you how to create a serial letter with barcodes using the barcode generator ActiveX® control TBarCode in Microsoft® Word 2007. More videos will be added in the near future. Any comments are welcome!

Watch the YouTube channel TECITSoftware and learn more about TBarCode.

QR-Code and DataMatrix for SAP ERP Without Middleware

2009/10/30 | TBarCode/Direct V2.1

The new version of TBarCode/Direct V2.1 comes now with DataMatrix and QR-Code support.

TBarCode/Direct is a smart, platform independent barcode software solution for printing linear and 2D bar-codes (DataMatrix, QRCode) in SAP® ERP, SAP® R/3® and mySAP® ERP. This bar code solution works completely without any middleware and can be used with all PostScript® enabled printers (e.g. Laser Printers or MFPs)!

The main advantage - TBarCode/Direct is installed within the SAP system only: No additional software, no system level installation and no additional hardware is required.

TBarCode/Direct evaluation version available on request.

Reporting-, Labeling- and Output-Server: TFORMer Server Whitepaper

2009/09/09 | TFORMer Server V6

For TFORMer Server V6.0 a new white paper is available.

TFORMer Server is a scalable, industry-fit output solution for automatic labeling and form printing purposes. Full-featured bar code support is integrated. Graphically designed layouts for forms, reports and labels are printed reliable (24/7 operation).

If you want to know TFORMer Server in detail please use the following link: Download TFORMer Server Whitepaper

Online Product Demos via WebEx are now available

2009/08/25 | Online Demos/Trainings

TEC-IT now offers online product demonstrations and online trainings via WebEx!

Live product demos and training sessions made easy! This new TEC-IT service enables you to learn more about the software product of interest within minutes! We share a "virtual desktop" with you, demonstrate the software in action and answer all your questions immediately. You can even try the product yourself (without installing it) while getting support in real-time!

All you need is Firefox (preferred) or Internet Explorer and an internet connection. Online product demonstrations are available for free, product trainings are optimized to match your needs.

In order to arrange an online meeting just send us an email to support@tec-it.com!

Update: Label Printing and Reporting Software TFORMer SP1

2009/08/04 | TFORMer V6.0 SP1

TEC-IT has released Service Pack 1 for the TFORMer label printing and reporting software. The update can be downloaded right now.

  • TFORMer Runtime was renamed to TFORMer SDK and is now provided as separate MSI setup!
  • This release comes with a modernized user interface, a revised option dialog and with a new function to hide unused data fields.
  • This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 6.x customers.

More information about all new features can be found in the TFORMer version history.

Download TFORMer Service Pack 1

New: SAP Barcode DLL - TBarCode/SAPwin V 9.0

2009/06/29 | TBarCode/SAPwin V9.0.0

TEC-IT is proud to release version 9.0 of the Barcode DLL for SAP ERP!

TBarCode/SAPwin is an advanced bar code printing solution for SAP ERP, mySAP ERP & SAP R/3 in Windows environments. The brand new version of this barcode DLL for SAP offers the following new features:

  • Support of Unicode SAP systems (e.g. ECC 6.0).
  • Improved Windows Vista/Windows 7 support.
  • New bar code types: HIBC codes, Aztec, Micro QR Code, DPD, KIX, ITF-14, ...
  • Supports various encoding methods and code pages.
  • Binary compaction modes for most 2D codes.
  • Custom definition of a separator character for composite data.
  • Check digit validation.
  • and much more...

More information about all new features can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin

Info: Windows 7

2009/05/07 | Windows 7 Compatibility

Good news for our customers! The release candidate of Windows 7 is completely supported by our products.

TEC-IT software was carefully engineered to support all current operating systems. Our products can be used with any client- or server platform from Microsoft (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and of course Windows 7). The demo downloads are usually 32 bit versions, native 64 bit versions (x64) are available on request!

New: Label and Reporting Software TFORMer V6.0

2009/05/06 | TFORMer V6.0
Labeling Software TFORMer

TEC-IT released the TFORMer version 6.0. The label software TFORMer 6 comes with new features and general improvements for users and software developers. Give it a try!

New Functions

  • Improved User Interface
    Layout design and testing was simplified significantly. Switch between layout view, data view and preview with a single mouse-click.
  • User-Friendly Manual Data Input
    Per default TFORMer offers a manual datasource for each layout. This datasource allows the user to manually enter data in a data grid like in Microsoft® Excel.
  • Unified Datasources
    A wizard will help you to create ODBC and file based datasources (XML, CSV, TSV ...) quickly. You can also assign multiple datasources to a single layout and switch between them as required.
  • Field Bindings
    The field names used in external datasources can now be mapped to datafields in the layout easily. No renaming is required!
  • Computed Fields
    Extend your datasource with computed fields. Computed fields allow you to do custom computations like creating serial numbers, etc.
  • Datasource Parameters
    Parametrize ODBC datasources (SQL query and/or authentication) and file datasources (file name) by using so-called source-parameters.
  • Extended Barcode Support
    The 2D barcode Micro QR-Code is now supported.
  • and much more...

General Improvements

  • Filtered Data
    The data provided by a datasource can be filtered with a custom expression.
  • PDF Output
    Various problems with fonts, font-embedding, output size, watermarks (image background of a layout) and with the scaling of images were fixed.
  • HTML Output
    The HTML output now supports circles, ellipses, diagonal lines and human readable text for barcodes.
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® and Windows® 7 Compatibility
    TFORMer can be used with the coming Windows® 7 without any restrictions. (Tested with Windows® 7 RC!)
  • and much more...

Improvements for Developers

  • DLL, .NET and COM API
    The API was extended in order to allow the selection of the newly introduced datasources and the setting of source-parameters.
    A JAVA JNI API is now available for TFORMer Runtime. A source-code example showing you the use of this interface is included.
  • Security
    The size and the download time for images can be restricted via HTTP (see TFORMer.XML).
  • and much more...

Download TFORMer V6.0

Update: Software Wedge TWedge V2.1

2009/04/29 | TWedge V2.1

The smart and flexible Data Acquisition Software TWedge is now available in Version 2.1.

TWedge is the optimal tool to capture data (RS232, Bluetooth, USB and TCP) with arbitrary applications and databases. Version 2.1 is free of charge for existing TWedge 2.0 customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Manual User Input
    The new function InputBox() can be used to ask the user for data input during runtime (optional input validation is supported).
  • Clipboard Access
    The new clipboard functions CopyToClipboard() and GetFromClipboard() are introduced. These functions are useful for larger amounts of data, where a simulation of keystrokes is not feasible or too slow.
  • Improved Keyboard Wedge
    The function SendKeyStrokes() now accepts combinations of key constants and modifier keys. The keys have to be separated by a + character (e.g.: "{CTRL+f}" or "{CTRL+SHIFT+h}").
  • User Interface
    Toolbar and application icons were redesigned.

Download TWedge V2.1

Update: Barcode Creator Barcode Studio V9.2

2009/04/29 | Barcode Studio V9.2
Barcode Creator Software: Barcode Studio

The service release V9.2 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio is available!

This barcode creation software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Barcode Studio V9.2 is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Improved Image Export
    Exported images now contain the human readable text on all platforms. This feature was not available for prior versions of Barcode Studio on Mac OS X and LINUX.
  • Quiet Zone Bug Fix
    The left quiet zone of several 2D bar codes was drawn incorrectly when the unit "Modules" was selected.
  • DataMatrix/ECC200
    The internal code optimization was improved. In rare cases the created DataMatrix barcode was not encoded as efficient as possible (but still readable).

Download Barcode Studio V9.2

A note for OpenOffice users on Microsoft Windows: The menu command Copy To Clipboard (As Metafile) produces a distorted image when the barcode is inserted into OpenOffice V3.0. Use image export Copy To Clipboard (As Image) instead.

Update: Barcode Creator Barcode Studio V9.1

2009/03/25 | Barcode Studio V9.1
Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio

TEC-IT is proud to release version 9.1 of Barcode Studio!

As usual this barcode creation software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Version 9.1 is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.0 customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Convenient Data Entry
    Data for multiple barcodes can be entered or verified in a convenient list view.
  • Flexible Data Import
    Importing barcode data from text or CSV files was completely re-designed and extended. The user can assign an arbitrary column of the input file for barcode generation or for the output filename. Modifications of the input file are no longer required.
  • Serial Numbers
    Generated serial numbers can now be checked in a preview-window.
  • Barcode Export
    The filenames for exported bar-code images can be specified by the user or are generated automatically.
  • Improved Accuracy
    Values for the so-called pixel-shaving (bar-width reduction especially useful for ink jet printers) can now be specified more accurately.
  • Check-Digit Validation
    On demand Barcode Studio validates check-digits entered by the user. This validation can be disabled if required.
  • Command Line / Batch Operation
    Detailed error-information is available in an optional log-file.
  • Special Characters
    The escape sequences Gs, Rs and Eot can be inserted into a barcode with a simple right-click.
  • Italian
    In addition to German, English and Chinese Barcode Studio also offers an Italian user interface.
  • Templates for EAN and UPC compliant bar code creation
    These templates are available in the Windows Start Menu (Program Files -> Barcode Studio -> Templates).
  • Windows 7
    Barcode Studio works with Windows 7 without problems.
  • HP SmartStream Designer
    Improved integration into HP SmartStream Designer 4.0 (Unicode, Batch-Barcodes, Error-Logging, Mac, Windows).

Download Barcode Studio V9.1

Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.1

2009/03/24 | TBarCode V9.1

The new update of our barcode software TBarCode V9.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Check Digit Validation
    Check digits provided by the user (input data) are now validated.
  • Bitmap Export
    Calculation of barcode width (dependent on DPI value) corrected.
  • Unicode File Names
    Saving of bitmaps with Unicode path names now possible.
  • Bitmap Size
    Problem with output resolution > 9000 Pixels fixed.
  • ITF-14
    Plain text formatting corrected (01 bracketing removed).
    Validation of input data fixed.

Here is your update of TBarCode 9.1: Download Barcode Software

New Release: Barcode Software for Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X

2009/02/18 | TBarCode/X V9

The new release of the barcode software TBarCode/X V9 creates more than 100 different barcode types. TBarCode/X is available for Linux®, UNIX® and Mac OS X® platforms.

Support for the following new bar codes was added:

  • Micro QR Code (a smaller version of the 2D barcode QR Code)
  • Aztec Barcode (full implementation!)
  • HIBC (Health Industry Bar Codes, LIC/PAS)

Barcode software for all requirements

TBarCode/X V9 contains a spool filter for bar code generation "on the fly", a command line tool for bar code image creation and a Barcode SDK (shared library / dynamic library package).

Additional features end enhancements:

  • Improved Quiet Zone Adjustment
  • Improved Bar Width Reduction (Pixel Shaving)
  • PDF Output
  • Force binary encoding in Data Matrix (for Deutsche Post, DP Premium Address)

Get the latest release of TBarCode/X: Download Barcode Software

Barcode Creator Update: Barcode Studio

2009/02/02 | Barcode Studio V9.0.3

Service update for Windows, Mac OS X and Red Hat Enterprise Linux available!

New Features and Bug Fixes V9.0.2/V9.0.3:

  • User Interface: Barcode Studio is - in addition to English and German - now available in Chinese language.
  • Premium Address: New template for Deutsche Post Premium Address Data Matrix Barcodes
  • Platforms: new binaries (V9.0.2) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 available.
  • HIBC: Corrected check routine for HIBC LIC format.

Download Barcode Studio Update

Label Printing Software Update: TFORMer 5.1

2009/01/28 | TFORMer V5.1.0.9082

A JAVA Interface is now available for the TFORMer Label Printing and Report Generator Software. This JNI interface encapsulates the report generator SDK and is installed by the setup. Note: The JNI interface is still a pre-release.

In addition in V5.1.0.9082 the following bugs were fixed:

  • Symbol sizes of Data Matrix and QR-Code are not displayed (Designer property dialog).
  • Crash when printing watermarks in PDF documents.
  • Problems with printing to ZEBRA printers in ZPL-II mode.
  • Wrong page layout computation when using printing conditions.
  • Space suppression for text-fields was corrected.
  • Page rotation for PDF and PostScript output works now correctly.
  • Problem with toolbar display on Windows Vista.
  • Barcode printing was fixed when using < or > in the barcode format.
  • API: dependencies (execution order, parameters) for the functions TFormer_SetPrinterName, TFormer_SetOutputName, TFormer_SetPrinterType were minimized.
  • The printing process can now be aborted correctly.
  • A possible crash in the functions Left, Right and Mid when using UTF-8 was fixed.
  • PDF: Output with fonts using more than 65535 glyphs was fixed.
  • PDF: handling of bold, normal and italic fonts was improved.

Download TFORMer Designer & Runtime

Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.0.1

2009/01/26 | TBarCode V9.0.1

The current service update of the Barcode Generator SDK TBarCode is available as of today (version 9.0.1).

The update includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • TBarCode is now available in Spanish language as well (SICAE SLL - Barcode Software).
  • Fix for licensing function (TBarCode .NET, Windows x64 version).
  • Fix for rotated barcodes (180°).
  • Improved developer manual section Deployment and Dependencies.
  • Fix for font-sizes (TBarCode .NET Windows Forms Control).