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Barcode Appliance. A Cooperation of SEH and TEC-IT

2005/11/30 | New Product-Line

The ISD300 is a highly efficient, out-of-the-box spooling device. In combination with TEC-IT’s bar-code software TBarCode/Embedded users take advantage of completely device independent bar-code printing - yielding the first universal boxed bar-coding solution available on the market.

New Version TBarCode OCX 6.0

2005/11/25 | TBarCode OCX

The new Version 6 of TBarCode OCX has been released! The well known bar code generator based on Microsoft® ActiveX® Technology is now available for download. It can be used in various Microsoft Office applications and a bunch of development environments. TBarCode now supports more than 70 bar code symbologies (linear, 2D, stacked and composite symbologies).

The new features of V6:

  • EAN.UCC Composite Symbology – all variants (CC-A/B/C) supported
  • Property Pages for RSS/Composite and MicroPDF
  • New properties Quiet Zone, Trim Spaces, QR code Kanji Compression, X-Rows, X-Cols, Text Area Height, Composite Component, MicroPDF Version, MicroPDF Mode, RSS Segments Per Row.
  • Built in high resolution, vector based EPS output
  • Enhanced usability in Microsoft InfoPath®

New Barcode Studio with EAN.UCC Composite Symbology

2005/10/11 | Barcode Studio 6

TEC-IT releases the new Barcode Studio Version 6, which is ready for download. The brand new version supports all variations of the EAN UCC Composite Symbology together with MicroPDF and all codes of the Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

In addition, the user gets a new "intelligent" help text making the user interface more friendly than ever. To facilitate bar code generation all relevant information about the adjusted bar code symbology is displayed on mouse-click.

Vector based EPS (Postscript) Output in highest quality makes Barcode Studio to the best classified tool for pre-press applications, artwork studios and print shops.

New TFORMer with Integrated PDF and Postscript Output

2005/09/08 | TFORMer Update

TFORMer Release 4.5 is ready for Download - here are the new features:

Major Enhancements

  • Integrated native PDF Output for all kinds of purposes: Now you can use TFORMer within your web application and create PDF documents dynamically for download - with individual data and integrated bar codes! Or email PDF reports (or invoices...) created by TFORMer to your customers - fully automated if you use the programmable Runtime Module.
  • Native Postscript Output: with the built-in Postscript Generator you can create all output - including graphics and bar codes - in the best possible output quality for your Postscript Printer. More efficient and with higher speed than any Printer Driver could do (especially useful for Linux or Unix).
  • HTML Generator and ASCII Text Output
  • ODBC Support (Database Connectivity)

More New Features

  • Tabbed Property Window (incl. Description) - simplifies the user-interface
  • RSS Barcodes are supported
  • Watermarking of documents (background pictures)

New Barcode DLL with EAN/UCC Composite Symbology Support

2005/02/25 | TBarCode DLL Update

TEC-IT releases the new TBarCode DLL Version 6, which can be downloaded from now. The brand new release supports all variations of the EAN UCC Composite Symbology together with MicroPDF and all RSS Codes.

With "EAN UCC Composite Symbology" a markable higher amount of data can be encoded compared to standard linear bar codes. But the new symbology is upward compatible. The additional data is encoded into a 2D multi-row symbol. This 2 dimensional Composite Component (CC) occurs always in combination with a linear bar code part, which can be a variant of the RSS family or an UPC / EAN symbol or an UCC/EAN-128 bar code.

The new "RSS - Reduced Space Symbology" and "CS - EAN.UCC Composite Symbology" - both supported by TEC-IT's new bar code library - include the proven Application Identifier Standard. In addition they are reliable and insensitive regarding symbol structure, thus existing technical infrastructure can be used as far as possible.