TBarCode/Embedded: ERP Barcode Printing

TBarCode/Embedded offers bar code printing services for all of your PostScript® and PCL printers. The software monitors all print-jobs on the ISD300 / ISD410. Whenever a bar-code control sequence is detected, TBarCode/Embedded inserts a bar code into the document. You get high-quality bar code output on all printers regardless of the printer or the ERP application.

TBarCode/Embedded and ERP-Systems

ERP-Systems like SAP® R/3®, mySAP.com®, ORACLE® (and others) take advantage of centralized bar-coding features offered by TBarCode/Embedded. The solution generates and prints bar-coded documents as part of the spooling process. This works completely transparent to all types of applications.

SAP®-users are invited to contact TEC-IT regarding integration of suitable barcode control sequences (print-controls) and adjusting the SPAD host-spool access method.

Barcode Generation Workflow

TBarCode/Embedded monitors all PostScript® and PCL® based print-jobs on the ISD. Whenever bar-code specific control sequences are detected within the document TBarCode/Embedded replaces them with the actual representation of the bar-code. It is not required to change the printing process – simply adjust the control sequences within your application and route the jobs through the ISD Print Appliance.

Barcode Generation Workflow