Barcode Software for Microsoft® Office

Print Barcodes with Microsoft® Office in an instant!

The easy-to-use barcode software component TBarCode offers barcode printing for all linear, GS1 and 2D barcodes. This barcode add-in integrates seamlessly into all Microsoft® Office applications, Microsoft Office 2007 is supported!

Barcode Software
for Office

Create, generate, save and print ALL bar codes with Microsoft® Office

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Barcode Software for Microsoft Office

Barcode Software for Microsoft Office

The barcode software TBarCode makes barcode printing with Microsoft® Office really easy. TBarCode can be used by everyone, in just 3 steps you achieve professional results:

  1. Install TBarCode.
  2. Insert TBarCode into your document, spread-sheet or database.
  3. Enter barcode data manually or bind TBarCode to a cell of your spread-sheet or database.

The current version of TBarCode is able to create more than 100 bar code symbologies. With this barcode component your fulfill all bar-coding requirements easily: in addition to perfect barcode quality TBarCode offers full-featured support of industry standards (EAN, UPC, GS1, ...) and 2D-barcodes.

This barcode add-in provides great usability and the comprehensive product documentation is supported by sample applications. If there are any questions left our support team will be glad to help you out.

Barcode Software for Office - FREE Demo Version

Test the unlimited demo version of TBarCode. Samples and support are included!

The Barcode Software TBarCode...

  • can be embedded into documents or applications with a few mouse clicks.
  • generates and prints barcodes with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access and Microsoft InfoPath® immediately.
  • converts data into barcodes automatically.
  • supports more than 100 different barcodes (linear barcodes, 2D barcodes and GS1 DataBar/RSS barcodes).
  • generates and prints barcodes in best quality.
  • computes required check-digits automatically.
  • supports serial-letters with bar codes in Microsoft Word.
  • Is the optimal barcode software component for Microsoft Office users as well as software developers. TBarCode is available as Barcode OCX (Microsoft ActiveX compliant bar-code control), as Barcode DLL and as .NET barcode component.
  • is in use worldwide by thousands of users. Just check out the references.

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