Wireless Barcode Scanner User Manual

The app Wireless Barcode Scanner turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a professional barcode scanner with excellent communication functions. With this solution, TEC-IT offers a cost effective and flexible alternative to hardware scanners. This app scans linear and 2D bar codes and provides protocols like Bluetooth, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, or a WebSocket.

Download and Installation

After downloading Wireless Barcode Scanner from Google Play or the TEC-IT website, follow the installation steps to install "Wireless Barcode Scanner" successfully on your device.

Wireless Barcodescanner - Scan Preview

User Interface

1) Menu
Via the menu you can open the Local Storage and the application Settings and examine the Details of the last state message.

2) Number of Scans
Displays the number of scanned/transmitted barcodes. A click on the text opens the local storage.

3) Scan Data
Shows the successfully scanned barcode data.

4) Scan Button
Press this button to start scanning.

5) Rotation Lock
Wireless Barcode Scanner can be used in portrait or landscape orientation.
By clicking this button you can lock the desired orientation.

6) Connection State
This icon shows the current connection state of your device: Green indicates that the app is ready to send data. Red means that the connection is currently unavailable. Tap on the icon for details.

7) Manual Input
Tap this icon to enter barcode data manually through the keyboard.

Wireless Barcodescanner - Scan


Scan View
Wireless Barcode Scanner uses the integrated camera of the device to scan barcodes. Open the scan view by tapping the scan button and position the barcode within the rectangle so that the entire barcode can be detected by the viewfinder.

Scan Data
The successfully captured barcode is immediately displayed above the scan button. The data is saved in the local storage and automatically transmitted over the specified data link (more on this in the Local Storage).

Supported Barcodes
Wireless Barcode Scanner supports the most common 1D/linear and 2D barcodes like UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, 2 of 5 interleaved, Codabar, GS1 DataBar (RSS-14), RSS Expanded, QR Code, Data Matrix.

Batch Scanning
Enable the batch scanning mode, if you want to scan multiple barcodes sequentially in series. This feature can be activated in the Settings.


Wireless Barcode Scanner can display data related server responses, so-called Status Messages. Supported message formats are plain text and HTML. Please note that it is also possible to have different response messages with different vibration feedback/sounds (e.g., to indicate valid/invalid/double scans). You can enable or disable responses or adjust response timeouts in the settings.
For details, please contact us.
Wireless Barcodescanner - History

Input Forms

Input forms allow you to capture and send combinations of different input types.

In this menu you can choose between different predefined input forms or you can create your own individual forms. For specific requirements, we also provide custom forms on demand.

The form editor currently supports the following input types:

  • Barcodes
  • Checkbox
  • Date/Time
  • Images (from camera or from file chooser)
  • List Box
  • Number (e.g., quantity)
  • Text

Please note: Data captured with the input form “Barcode” is transmitted as plain text. Data from all other input forms is forwarded as a JSON array.

Wireless Barcodescanner - History

Local Storage

Wireless Barcode Scanner saves the captured data into the local storage. The local storage contains the list of the most recently scanned data including information like transmission status, scan time, send time and the received status message.

A long tap on an item opens the detail view, showing the scan/send time and the received status message. Selected items can be deleted or marked as transmitted/untransmitted. If data transfer is enabled, the app will try to send untransmitted items automatically in the background.

Open the drop-down menu (Open contextual menu) and choose "Local Storage". The following actions can be performed:

Selection Icon Clear selection / Select all / Invert selection

Trash bin icon Delete selected entries in the local storage

Menu Icon Mark entries as transmitted or untransmitted / view details


Wireless Barcode Scanner offers a number of settings. Open the menu by tapping on the Menu Icon-icon and select "Settings". The following adjustments can be made:

License State

View current license information or purchase a valid license.


Scanner Configuration

Wireless Barcodescanner - Barcode Types

Configure the scan button(s). You can use the default camera scanner or a built-in scan-engine (if applicable).

Camera Scanner Configuration

  • 1D / Linear Barcodes
    Enable or disable linear barcode types.
  • 2D Barcodes
    Enable or disable 2D barcodes.
  • Barcode Character Set
    Available character sets: Automatic (Default), ASCII, Latin, UTF-8, UTF-16, Korean (949), Russian (20866), Japanese (Shift-JIS), Traditional Chinese (950) and Tranditional Chinese (Big5).
  • Remove Symbology Identifier
    Enable or disable the symbology identifier at the beginning of the barcode data.
  • Flashlight
    Enable or disable the flashlight for scanning. (Please note that the flash function is not compatible with all devices.)
  • Autofocus Mode
    Enable or disable the autofocus mode for scanning. Autofocus enables the integrated camera to focus on the scanned motive automatically.
  • Batch Scanning
    Activating the "batch mode" enables to scan multiple bar codes sequentially in series. To stop the running scan process, tap the "Back"-button of the smartphone.
  • Pause Between Scans
    Define the break between the individual scans in "batch mode" in milliseconds.

Configuration for Built-In Scan-Engine
Settings for additional built-in scanners like Unitech PA700. For other devices, please contact us!

Prefix and Suffix

  • Prefix
    You can define a prefix that is prepended to the scanned data.
  • Suffix
    You can define a suffix that is appended to the scanned data.
Wireless Barcodescanner - Settings Offline-Online


  • Local Storage
    Open and edit the local storage.
  • Size
    Define the maximum number of storage entries.
  • Offline Scans
    Define the maximum number of offline scans.
  • Send Errors
    Set the number of error messages after which the app should go offline.
  • Resend Interval
    Resend unsent data in offline mode after given interval.
  • Waiting Time
    Define the waiting time for a status message.

Status Message

  • Status Messages
    Enable or disable the display of status messages received from the target system.
  • HTML Format
    Specify the format of the status messages (plain text / HTML).
  • Actuality
    Specify the timeout for showing response messages.
  • Minimum Display Time
    Define the minimum display time for info messages.
  • Maximum DisplayTime
    Define the maximum display time for info messages.
  • Character Set
    Define the character set of the info messages.
Wireless Barcode Scanner Preferences - Connection

Data Link

  • Data Transfer
    Define if the scanned data should be transferred or stored locally.
  • Connection Types
    - Bluetooth-Client
    - Bluetooth-Server
    - HTTP-Client
    - TCP-Client
    - TCP-Server
    - UDP-Client
    - WebSocket -Client
    - WebSocket-Server
  • Configuration
    Enter the paired device, host name or IP address (for client connections).
  • Ask for Preferences
    If checked, the app will ask you for the settings after each start. If unchecked, the previous settings are applied.

Wireless Barcode Scanner Preferences - Import/Export


  • Manual Barcode Input
    Define if manual barcode input is allowed or not.
  • Feedback on Success
    Choose sound and/or vibration or deactivate both options.
  • Feedback on Error
    Choose sound and/or vibration or deactivate both options.
  • Feedback on Data Link Status Change
    Choose sound and/or vibration or deactivate both options.
  • Sleep Mode
    Enable or disable sleep mode.


  • Import
    Import preferences from a configuration file.
  • Export
    Export preferences to a file.


License State

View current license information or purchase a valid license.


  • App Permissions
    Set your app permissions.
  • Brief Manual
    The manual of Wireless Barcode Scanner will be shown in a HTML-file.
  • TEC-IT Blog
    Visit the blog of TEC-IT.
  • YouTube Videos
    On our YouTube channel you will find a number of helpful videos about our software products.
  • Privacy Policy
    Current privacy policy and terms.
  • Device ID
    The device ID of the smartphone or tablet.
  • About
    Displays the current app version and the usage rights.

Wireless Barcodescanner Privacy

TEC-IT respects your privacy. Your data is safe.

Wireless Barcodescanner does not log, store or forward typed text, passwords or other personal data. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding phishing, key logging or spying.