TConnector: Easy Integration Into DAQ Applications

No sophisticated interface programming! TConnector concentrates on the basics and is easily and quickly integrable into own data acquisition applications. Special interface know how is not required.

TConnector Simplifies Data Acquisition Applications

TConnector is an ActiveX® Control with flexible implementation possibilities. Use it within Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Excel®, Access, Word, Visual Basic®, Microsoft Visual C/C++®, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, Navision® (Microsoft NAV®) and many others.

Fast Connection Establishment

The property dialog window offers easy access to all interface parameters. Therefore connecting to any device becomes possible within minutes!

  • First select the interface and port where your device is connected (COM1, LPT1,...).
  • To enable asynchronous mode call the StartListen() method. Now data can be received by the OnData event.
  • In synchronous mode you can read in-pending data by calling the read() method.
  • For quick starting we recommend checking out the sample applications that come with TConnector.
DAQ with RS232, Serial, USB, Bluetooth, TCP/IP

Drastically Simplified TCP/IP Communication

TCP/IP communication has never been easier: enter host (IP-address/port number) and read/write data!

Of course all settings of the property window can be changed by your program code, too.

DAQ Application Configurations

Local Configuration

DAQ local configuration chart

Remote Configuration 1

DAQ Remote Configuration 1

Remote Configuration 2

DAQ Remote Configuration 2

Download Demo

The latest version (demo) of TConnector can be downloaded free of charge. Use the link above to get to our download area!