Data Acquisition Software TWedge

Real-time data acquisition for Microsoft® Office (including Microsoft Office 2007), ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics® and Microsoft SharePoint® systems (details).

The data acquisition software TWedge provides automated data collection services without modifying the target applications. This smart middleware enables each application, document, spread-sheet or database to capture device data in real-time. RS232, serial, USB, Bluetooth® and TCP/IP devices are supported. Just connect the device, configure TWedge and acquire data without manual interaction.

Data Acquisition Middleware

Data Acquisition for Microsoft® Office, Microsoft Dynamics®, Microsoft SharePoint®

Keystroke Simulation (Keyboard Wedge)

Direct Database Access

Direct File Access


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Smart Data Acquisition Software

TWedge captures device data in an elegant, cost-effective and flexible way.

Using this data acquisition software you connect devices with any application, document or database. TWedge automatically collects data from bar-code readers, gauges, electronic scales, RFID controllers, ... without having to modify the target applications.

Transparent Data Acquisition Middleware

TWedge operates in the background (like the system clock), communicates with devices bi-directional (RS232, serial, TCP/IP, via virtual COM-port also USB and Bluetooth) and captures device data in a completely transparent way. Because of the built in scripting support this DAQ software provides maximum flexibility while still offering great usability with pre-defined application templates.

Keyboard Wedge / Software Wedge - FREE Demo Version

Test the unlimited demo version of TWedge. Samples and support are included!

Data Acquisition Methods

TWedge supports various methods for data acquisition:

  • It can be operated as a pure keyboard wedge software which forwards captured data to arbitrary applications as virtual key strokes. Captured data appears to target applications as typed by the user.
  • In addition TWedge provides direct database or file access. Thus, it is just a matter of minutes to set up an automated data acquisition system without any additional software.
  • Finally the built in scripting engine allows you to craft any custom data acquisition logic. Scripts can perform computations, modify received device data, interact with the user, create or modify databases, start and control applications and more.
Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software

Advantages of TWedge at a Glance

  • Transparent middleware for data acquisition.
  • No plug-in! Thus completely application independent (for Office, Web, ERP, ...).
  • Supports RS232, RS485, serial, TCP/IP and (via virtual COM ports) USB as well as Bluetooth devices.
  • Custom hot key and timer support.
  • Bi-directional device communication.
  • Keyboard Wedge functionality.
  • Read/Write database and file access.
  • Easy to deploy (encrypted configuration).
  • Every data acquisition aspect is customizable (scripting).
  • and many more ...

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Supported Applications

TWedge requires Microsoft® Windows 2000 or higher, it can be used in combination with the following products (a selection):

  • Microsoft® Office (from Office 2000)
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 (or higher) Applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008


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