Flexible Data Acquisition

TWedge captures device data in a cost-effective and flexible way. Using this data acquisition software, you connect any device with any application.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Configuration is simple, TWedge provides ready-to-use templates for common data collection and data acquisition scenarios.

Keyboard Wedge

If needed, TWedge converts captured data into virtual keystrokes and forwards them to target applications. This works locally as well as in Terminal Server (e.g. RDP or Citrix®) environments.

Save Data into Files or Databases

In addition, TWedge is able to save captured device data directly into arbitrary files or ODBC databases.

Clever and Universal

The data is collected automatically from bar-code scanners, transponders, gauges, electronic scales, RFID controllers, etc. TWedge supports devices connected via serial (RS232, RS485, virtual COM ports), Bluetooth®, UDP and TCP/IP interface as well as USB HID devices. The integrated scripting makes customization easy!

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Key Features

Highlights of our TWedge data collection software:

  • Simple setup
  • Works with Microsoft® Office, ERP systems, web applications and browsers, databases, …
  • For devices supporting USB HID profile, serial port, TCP, UDP or Bluetooth® interface
  • Keyboard wedge
  • Database and file access
  • Hotkeys and timer
  • Handles multiple devices in parallel
  • Protocol conversion (e.g. COM to TCP)
  • Background system service
  • Integrated scripting


Jeff Myrick, National Force Calibrations Plus

I want to tell you how pleased we are with your product. It has worked without interruption for us once we configured it for our purpose.

Gary L. Secor, IST Management Services

Your company is one of the best web vendors ... your support via email to our contractor was provided on a very timely basis. You should be very proud - it is rare these days to get good service ...

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TEC-IT provides advanced barcode, label printing and reporting software since 1996. All common operating systems, ERP solutions, standard applications and development environments are supported.

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TEC-IT is glad to assist you! Call us ++43 (0) 7252 72720 (GMT+01:00) or contact us online!

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Prices TWedge

(1 device connection)
TWedge Pro
(up to 3 device connections)
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Single€ 94 / $ 117€ 188 / $ 234
Workgroup (10 installations) € 450 / $ 450€ 900 / $ 1119
Office (100 installations) € 900 / $ 900€ 1800 / $ 2238
Site € 1800 / $ 1800€ 3600 / $ 4475
Enterprise € 3600 / $ 3600€ 7200 / $ 8950

For more than three simultaneous device connections, please have a look at the TWedge Datacenter.

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