References - TFORMer Server

Apart from system stability and robustness the special abilities in bar coding and form printing are the main advantages of TFORMer Server...

Automobile Industry, BMW Motoren, Steyr (AUT) and BMW AG, Munich (GER)

TEC-IT implemented a printing system of user-definable bar code labels used for identifying the products (BMW engines) during assembly. The system in Steyr (Austria) has been in use since 1998.

Special requirements: very high system reliability and robustness - a failure in the printer management would cause a production loss.

April 2000: the new version of PrintServer was also put into operation at the main site of BMW AG in Munich (Germany).

Tann Paper Industry

Paper Industry, Traun (AUT)

User definable labels and forms including bar codes (with adjustable parameters like module width, print ratio, check digit, ...) are printed on HP-PCL® compatible endless laser printers. PrintServer generates the bar codes by software.

Oracle (UNIX-environment) is used as data source, the platform used for PrintServer is Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server.

Logistics Systems, VanDerLande Industries (Germany)

Vanderlande Industries delivers automated logistic systems for completing and sorting orders in distribution centers.

Vanderlande Industries uses TFORMer Server for this kind of application for their customers.

TFORMer Server accomplishes many diverse printing jobs- e.g. printing shipping documents (package lists, pallet label, in and outgoing receipts, delivery notes, and many more.). The form definition is centrally saved in the TFORMer Repository. With TFORMer’s TCP/IP Interface, the host-application (from Java) sends the user data directly to the server.

GALIA Voucher Printing, Gentex GmbH

Gentex creates intelligent automobile and fire protection products and is a significant supplier for the PSA Corporation.

Samples of Gentex products are the automatic screening off rear-view mirror, mini cameras for full beam control, microphones for speech recognition and for hands-free communication, intelligent smoke detector and signal equipment for commercial fire protection branches.

TFORMer Server was used to print GALIA industry labels for PSA. The simple form adaption for meeting customer demands and the built-in barcode printer (PDF417) were the crucial factors of TFORMer Server.


INOVIT is the market leader in standardized and comprehensive software solutions for radiology departments in hospitals and clinics.

INOVIT uses TFORMer Server as a part of their own software packages for hospitals.

TFORMer Server is used for decentralized form printing (e.g. in departments). An essential point which leaded to the choice of using the TEC-IT product is the built-in consistent bar code support, which makes special bar code printers unnecessary. Furthermore, all print jobs can be administrated by several local workstations.