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Biopharmaceutical Company, Vienna (AUT)

Development of a logistics app.

For this individual project, TEC-IT developed an Android app for production material picking.

Customer Feedback:
…thank you very much for the great cooperation! It was a pleasure to be so well advised and always understood immediately. I was especially impressed by the elegant SQL scripts.

Borland Software Corporation, Linz (AUT)

TEC-IT supplies development services for the product SilkPerformer (load-testing of web and database applications) for years. This is, in detail, software assistance in graphical processing of the tests results. To learn more about the product and our work, take a look at this sample load test - report generated by our program code (incl. graphics, diagrams, HTML, XML, XSL).

TEC-IT was originally working for the US-based company, Segue Software Inc. This company was taken over by Borland Software Corporation for some time.

BMW Motoren, Steyr (AUT)

Several projects in office and production environments.

TEC-IT developed and supervised a wide range of applications for BMW Motoren Steyr GmbH. Most of the time database systems (ORACLE as back-end, MS-Access or web applications as front-end). Also in near-production environments, like for mobile data acquisition, was developed.

Red Cross Blood Donation Center

Red Cross Blood Donation Center, Linz (AUT)

Many blood-testing devices use special data transfer protocols. TEC-IT implemented a solution for data acquisition from OLYMPUS and SYSMEX devices.

ILS Consult GmbH

TEC-IT supplied engineering skills for implementing reporting applications in the areas of logistic systems (e.g. parcel transport, shipping). The development environment was: C/C++ with INFORMIX® DB-Server on AIX®.

Artaker Print & Repro

Croatian passports are equipped with a two-dimensional bar code (corresponding to IATA standards). We supplied the software for generating these bar codes.