References - Online Bar Code and Form Services

The possibility to use TFORMer or TBarCode as online-service saves time and maintenance costs.

TEC-IT and the customer negotiate a suitable interface and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for accessing label generation services, dynamically created PDF documents and bar code image creation services.

Lederer GmbH brand logo

Lederer GmbH, Germany/Europe

The company Lederer GmbH (Germany/Europe) uses TEC-IT's PDF-generator online service. TEC-IT ensures that the online PDF-form creation service (TFORMer is used to create arbitrary PDF labels including bar codes) is available on its web-server.

The web portal of Lederer GmbH sends label creation requests via http to the TEC-IT server. The resulting PDF document (in this case a product label with bar codes) is returned to the web-portal of Lederer GmbH. The data to be used in the labels is specified via GET/POST parameters (value, name of label layout, language, ...).

With this technology arbitrary PDF forms are easily embedded into internet applications or web-portals.

The suppliers of Lederer GmbH benefit from a centralized and world-wide unified product-labeling tool. No special infrastructure is required (a Browser and a PDF-viewer are sufficient). This technology minimizes costs for installation and maintenance, in addition errors or delays due to wrong or out-dated product labels are reduced significantly.

Franz Habisreutinger GmbH & Co.KG brand logo

Franz Habisreutinger GmbH & Co.KG

Franz Habisreutinger GmbH & Co.KG (Germany/Europe) uses TFORMer generally for generating labels subject to the regulations of the Caravaning Industrie Verband, Frankfurt. With TEC-IT's online PDF generator service, Habisreutinger GmbH is able to upload their standard repositories, generate, print, download and preview their labels with barcodes using the browser, without the need to install TFORMer on the client.

TEC-IT maintains and runs TFORMer on the web server, Habisreutinger GmbH benefits by saving time and money consuming installations and maintenance.