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TWedge V3: Data Collection Software - Universal Keyboard Wedge

The versatile and universal data collection software TWedge extends arbitrary systems and databases with real-time data acquisition. This software wedge immediately forwards captured data to applications, databases, Office and ERP systems. Modifications of the target systems are not required!

New in TWedge 3.0: Simple, scenario-based configuration, unmatched device and scripting support, multiple devices, system service, USB, …


Keyboard Wedge Software

Download Keyboard Wedge Software - TWedge Eval Version

Connect any device to any application

Scenario-based configuration

Keystroke simulation (Keyboard Wedge)

Direct Database and File Access

Scripting (JavaScript)

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Software Wedge for Data Acquisition

Keyboard Software Wedge

You want to import and process data from external devices such as barcode scanners, gauges or scales? But your application does not support direct device connections?

TWedge is the solution to your problem!

With TWedge, it is just a matter of minutes to implement a simple yet powerful, automated data-collection system for devices such as scanners, scales, controllers, electronic gauges, RFID or WiFi controllers, access control systems, medical devices and many more.

Smart Data Acquisition Middleware

The data acquisition software TWedge connects any device with any application in an elegant, cost-effective and flexible way. This software wedge is able to automatically forward device data to applications (and even other devices) via multiple methods:

  • as virtual key-strokes (keyboard wedge function)
  • direct database access (ODBC, SQL statements)
  • read/write file access
  • Microsoft® Excel® support (DDE)
  • via the system clipboard
  • HTTP requests

TWedge is able to handle multiple devices in parallel (depends on license: TWedge, TWedge Pro, TWedge Datacenter) . If required, the software can be operated as system service in the background without further configuration or additional tools.

For USB, Serial Ports, TCP, UDP and Bluetooth®

TWedge communicates with all devices connected via

  • USB (HID profile)
  • serial ports (RS232, RS485, virtual COM)
  • Bluetooth® (master and slave)
  • UDP (client and server)
  • TCP (client and server)
TWedge connects with USB HID devices such as barcode scanners, scales, gauges and even keyboards without the need for special driver software. TWedge selectively intercepts USB data and processes it device-specifically (!). When possible, device connections are bi-directional, thus control commands can be sent to the connected device, device-to-device communication is supported, and the device can be polled on a regular base.

Simple, Scenario-Based Configuration

TWedge provides ready-to-use templates which cover common data collection and data acquisition scenarios. As an example, saving captured device data directly into arbitrary files or ODBC databases is done with a single click.

Unlimited Processing Capabilities

The software wedge TWedge provides a completely new, script based approach offering maximum flexibility: The functionality of TWedge is easily adjusted to even the most advanced requirements. The complete data acquisition logic or hotkey and timer functions can be customized with the help of the integrated JavaScript®. The JavaScript implementation is based on the Chrome V8 engine, debugger support (Eclipse) is provided.


Keyboard Wedge Software Videos

Watch the product videos of our data acquisition software (YouTube)!

Data Acquisition Software

Universal Data Collection Tools

For 1 to n Devices

Desktop or System Service

Selective USB Data Capture!

Serial, TCP, UDP, Bluetooth

TWedge at a Glance

Ready-to-Use TemplatesReady-to-use scripts for common data acquisition scenarios (such as “keyboard wedge” or “store into database”).
Broad Interface SupportTWedge supports serial ports (RS232, RS485, virtual COM ports), Bluetooth®, UDP and TCP/IP, client/server and master/slave modes.
USB HID SupportTWedge is able to selectively intercept data from USB HID devices (scanners, scales, keyboards, …)
Connection RecoveryLost or interrupted Bluetooth and TCP device connections are restored automatically.
Multiple DevicesA single TWedge instance is suitable for exactly one data acquisition device. To manage more devices simultaneously choose between TWedge Pro or TWedge Datacenter.
Device-to-Device CommunicationTWedge can be operated as converter between different protocols or interfaces (e.g. COM to TCP)
Database AccessDirect ODBC database access with SQL commands.
File AccessRead/write file access.
Microsoft® Excel® DDEIntegrated Microsoft Excel support using DDE (dynamic data exchange).
HotkeysAdjustable hot-keys can be used to perform arbitrary data collection functions (e.g. querying a connected device for data).
TimersData acquisition tasks may be performed on a regular base (device polling, device triggering). Multiple timers are supported.
Keyboard WedgeReceived data can be converted into virtual keystrokes. Also function keys and control keys (F1, TAB, Alt, Ctrl, Enter...) are supported - e.g. for automatic selection of the input field in the target application. This also works in Terminal Server environments.
Application ControlThe data acquisition script can be used to start applications or to bring them into the foreground. Depending on device data or on other values (e.g. a database lookup) the collected data can be redirected to different applications.
System ServiceTWedge can be operated as system service or as minimized application in the task bar (like the system clock).
ScriptingEach aspect of the data acquisition logic can be customized. The integrated JavaScript® engine provides functions for database operations, file access, keystroke and function key simulation, application control and many more.
Convenient DebuggingTWedge offers JavaScript debugger support using Eclipse and the ChromeDevTools.
Binary DataTWedge is able to handle all control characters like NUL (0-Byte), SOH, STX, DC1, FS, GS, etc.
Password ProtectionConfiguration, distribution and deployment of this software wedge is extremely easy and safe. If required, the configuration files or user interface functions can be password protected.

System Requirements

Memory Requirements

At least 25 MB RAM per managed device (more in case of complex data acquisition logic of customized scripts).

Operating Systems

All current 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Windows systems:

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

For legacy systems like Windows XP or Windows XP based systems (e.g. Windows Embedded and Windows Embedded POSReady), TEC-IT provides support only on a voluntary basis (no legal entitlements).

For Windows Mobile and Windows CE check out the Mobile Keyboard Wedge TWedgeCE.



Fast installation, easy configuration ;) ingenious!

Stefan Ebenhoch - +COM IT Solutions GmbH

I want to tell you how pleased we are with your product. It has worked without interruption for us once we configured it for our purpose.

Jeff Myrick - National Force Calibrations Plus, LLC

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