Scan-IT to Office: Scan Barcodes into Office Documents

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TEC-IT is proud to announce its latest solution Scan-IT to Office: Use any camera equipped Android device and scan barcodes directly into Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Smart cloud services transfer the scanned codes immediately to a document of your choice. This works globally, regardless of your device’s location, single and multiple user scenarios are supported.

Scan-IT to Office works with Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 (in both desktop and online version) on Microsoft Windows and on Mac OS X/ macOS.

New: Scan Barcodes into Microsoft Office Documents

Scan-IT to Office - Give it a Try!

Convince yourself and try Scan-IT to Office today: the demo is free but it replaces barcode data with demo data in random intervals.

  • Install App
  • The Scan-IT to Office for Android app can be evaluated for free. For production use we ask you to purchase a subscription.
    Download link: Install Scan-IT to Office App for Android
  • Install Add-In
  • This Office Add-in is free. Start Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, open the Office Store, search for Scan-IT to Office and insert it into your Word or Excel document.
    Link to Office Store: Install Scan-IT to Office Add-In
  • Pair
  • Scan the QR code displayed by the Office Add-In with the app.
  • Scan
  • Ready to go - scan a barcode! The barcode data appears immediately in the linked Office document.
  • Discover
  • Discover multi-user and multi-location features: Pair additional devices with a single Office Add-In (click "+" in the Add-In and scan the QR-code with another device running the Scan-IT to Office app), or pair your Scan-IT to Office app with multiple Microsoft Office installations on different computers.

Please refer to the Scan-IT to Office User Manual for more information.

Scan-IT to Office - Features




Scan-IT to Office - Pricing

To use the unlimited version of Scan-IT to Office purchase a subscription of the Scan-IT to Office App. Subscriptions are available exclusively on Google Play, click here for pricing. There is no extra charge for the corresponding Scan-IT to Office Add-in.