TFORMer Designer - Label Software & Form Printing

TFORMer Designer is a professional label software with full barcode support. Use it to create your own labels and forms within seconds or benefit from the ready-to-use templates used in industry and logistics.

TFORMer Designer Label Printing Software


TFORMer Designer is very easy to use. Create labels and forms within seconds! The clear and straight-forward graphical user interface simplifies your work with features like redo/undo, WYSIWYG, advanced text formatting (rich text), preview and output with imported or manually entered data.

Save Time with Ready-To-Use Labels

Start immediately with ready-to-use labels and industry compliant forms. The included label templates can be used in an instant and eliminate time consuming design efforts completely. Examples: VDA-4902 Labels, AIAG, AMES-T, Galia, Odette, GTL Transport Labels, GS1 Logistics Labels and many more.

Integrated 1D/2D Barcodes

TFORMer Designer includes a full-featured barcode generator with support for more than 100 barcode symbologies. Special barcode printers or hardware add-ons like barcode SIMMs and barcode DIMMs are not required.

Manual and Automatic Printing in an Instant

TFORMer is the ideal solution for printing manually entered or imported data. Inexperienced users are assisted by easy-to-use printing tools.

The TFORMer SDK provides an easy way for software developers to integrate automated label and form printing into their applications.

Features of TFORMer at a Glance





Licenses can be purchased on a per-workstation (or user) basis. Should you need more than 10 licenses, please contact us - we would be pleased to send you a customized offer.

  • 1 Workstation
  • € 360 / $403
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 1 Licensefor 1 Workstation
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  • 2 Workstations
  • € 612 / $685
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 2 Licensesfor 2 Workstations
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  • 5 Workstations
  • € 1530 / $1714
    one-time fee
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • 5 Licensesfor 5 Workstations
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  • >10 Workstations
  • On Request
  • Design + Print
    Forms and Labels
  • Individual>10 Workstations
  • Ask

V 7.5.19

New Features

  • Sytem fields tfProductName and tfProductVersion
  • Extended CheckDigits method to support field-specific check digits for GS1 codes (TFM-6479).
  • Added Suppress Error Message property for picture element.
  • Added Meta Information properties to allow customization of document creator, producer, title, subject, author and keywords. These information is used when generating PDF, PostScript and HTML output. The current values can be accessed by using the system fields tfDocumentCreator, tfDocumentProducer, tfDocumentTitle, tfDocumentSubject, tfDocumentAuthor and tfDocumentKeywords.
  • The Expression Editor shows calltips based on the current word.
  • Tooltips in the Expression Editor are now word wrapped.
  • Added copy and paste support to layer elements (TFM-5002).
  • Saving a repository form will now save the repository too (TFM-1780).
  • Saving a repository will save all corresponding open forms too.

Bug Fixes

  • The output engine now avoids rendering of invisible lines, rectangles and ellipses (either with line-width 0 or with no color and transparent background).
  • Deadlock in the output engine when growable text fields used flush bottom attribute (TFM-6548). TFORMer hangs (Linux) or creates more than 4000 pages (Windows).
  • Output engine occasionally crashed when preparing internal structures for win32 print drivers.
  • The Print Dialog now correctly remembers the Postscript file output option.
  • The SDK options in the Print Dialog will not influence other TFORMer settings anymore.
  • The type of the ZUGFeRD-XML property (data field, file or expression) is now considered correctly.
  • The Document Name property can now be specified as fixed text, expression or as datafield.
  • Several text properties now provide a Browse button to open a multiline edit box. Fixed a problem when texts with line breaks where pasted (in this case the property value became uneditable).
  • Added the missing "GT" in the PDF417 barcode of the GM 1724 A label.

TFORMer Quickprint

  • The preview is now based on current datafield values.
  • Added tooltip indicators for errors caused by datafield values.
  • Added tooltip indicators for datafield information.
  • A layout is reloaded automatically on changes (TFM-5825).
  • Fix: Corrected a problem with document copies.