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TFORMer Designer: Label Software, Form Printing

TFORMer Designer is a professional label software with full barcode support. Use it to create your own labels and forms within seconds or benefit from the ready-to-use templates used in industry and logistics.

New in TFORMer 7.5: Modern user interface, more label design features, new bar codes and label templates, integrated printing tool


Label Software

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Flexible Design

For Labels & Forms

Bar Code Support

Compliance Labeling

from €360.00

Form and Label Software for all Applications

With TFORMer Designer you create and print barcode labels as well as complex forms in just three steps.

Principle: Label Software, Form Printing

Principle: Label Software, Form Printing

It offers numerous features like powerful output possibilities, linear and 2D barcode support, Unicode for international character sets, integrated computations and many more. TFORMer Designer covers current and future labeling requirements.

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Ready-to-use Templates

1D & 2D Bar Codes

GS1 Bar codes

All Printers

Industry Fit

Label Printing

TFORMer is More Than Just Label Software!


TFORMer Designer is very easy to use. Create labels and forms within seconds! The clear and straight-forward graphical user interface simplifies your work with features like redo/undo, WYSIWYG, advanced text formatting (rich text), preview and output with imported or manually entered data.

Save Time with Ready-To-Use Labels

Start immediately with ready-to-use labels and industry compliant forms. The included label templates can be used in an instant and eliminate time consuming design efforts completely. Examples: VDA-4902 Labels, AIAG, AMES-T, Galia, Odette, GTL Transport Labels, GS1 Logistics Labels and many more.

Integrated 1D/2D Barcodes

TFORMer Designer includes a full-featured barcode generator with support for more than 100 barcode symbologies. Special barcode printers or hardware add-ons like barcode SIMMs and barcode DIMMs are not required.

Manual and Automatic Printing in an Instant

TFORMer is the ideal solution for printing manually entered or imported data. Inexperienced users are assisted by easy-to-use printing tools.

The TFORMer SDK provides an easy way for software developers to integrate automated label and form printing into their applications.


Design and Print Barcode Labels with TFORMer

Watch the product videos of our label printing software (YouTube)!


Layout Editor

Label Printing

Unicode Support

Dynamic Layouts

All Platforms

Features of TFORMer at a Glance

Easy-To-UseCreate layouts for labels, forms and reports with the layout editor. Unlimited redo/undo and WYSIWYG operation, rich text (formatted text with soft-hyphenation, super and sub-scripting, unlimited font and color support), images, graphical elements and barcodes are available for creating your layout.
Dynamic LayoutsControl the generated output by means of embedded computations, printing conditions, format and printer tray control.
Integrated Barcode Support TFORMer includes a barcode generator supporting more than 100 barcode symbologies. All linear, 2D, Composite and GS1 barcodes are created in best quality. The barcodes are generated completely independently from printer or output method.
Ready-To-Use TemplatesTFORMer comes with ready-to-use form and label templates for industrial and logistic applications. Design efforts are eliminated completely for standard and compliance labels.
Labels, Reports, Serial LettersBesides simple barcode labels, TFORMer supports printing of advanced layouts like forms, reports, serial letters, lists and tables in a perfect way.
Serial Numbers Serial numbers are managed automatically. QuickPrint supports network-wide, unique serial number allocation even in multi-user mode.
ReusabilityTFORMer separates data from form layouts. Layouts may be reused as often as required.
Data ImportData can be provided manually or imported from arbitrary ODBC data bases or files.
Central AdministrationAll form and label layouts can be organized in a central database (repository).
Labeling SDK For automated printing solutions developers integrate the software component TFORMer SDK into their own applications.
Unicode SupportPrinting labels or forms with Unicode character sets (e.g. Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese) is supported by default. Design and print forms in the language of your customers!
Cross Platform Print labels and forms with TFORMer SDK on all operating systems. TFORMer SDK is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX.
All Printers Print to all printers supported by Microsoft Windows or use the native PostScript and ZPL-II output features.
Export Formats In addition to direct printing, the output can be exported in various PDF, HTML, PostScript, ZPL II (Zebra), TXT, TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG.formats. Export features are completely integrated within TFORMer.



We are getting great results with the labels we are creating using TFORMer. Really pleased with the software and the improved presentation of our products resulting from it.

M. White - Rapid Industrial Fasteners LTD

TFORMer is an excellent program. After a long search for a barcode generation program with great layout flexibility, TEC-IT offers everything we were looking for and the great user interface was a bonus!

C. Concannon - De Novo Software

Great database integration!

G. Plamondon - Martin Transportation Systems

You hit the nail on the head. ..... Yoohoo!
Thank you very much for your effort and time, really appreciate it. Great product at a great price with great support. Wow!

Johan Prinsloo - CSE Semaphore Inc.

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