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TWedge: Keyboard Wedge Software (RS232, Serial, TCP, Bluetooth)

TWedge extends arbitrary systems and databases with real-time data acquisition. Modifications of the target systems are not required!

Use this software wedge with RS232, serial, Bluetooth®, USB and TCP/IP interfaces. Captured data is forwarded immediately to databases, applications and ERP systems like SAP® R/3®. Choose between direct ODBC database access, file access or keystroke simulation (keyboard wedge).

New in TWedge 2.4: New JavaScript variable DATARAW, correct handling of the received data with byte value 0x00, online activation bug fixed.


Keyboard Wedge Software

Download Keyboard Wedge Software - TWedge Eval Version

Connect devices to all applications

Data acquisition for SAP R/3

Keystroke simulation (Keyboard Wedge)

Direct Access to Databases and Files

Flexible through Scripting (JavaScript)

from €94.00

Software Wedge for Data Acquisition

Keyboard Software Wedge

You need to input data from external devices (bar-code reader, gauge, electronic scale, RFID controllers, ...) into applications like SAP® R/3®, Microsoft® Excel® or a web-browser?

But this application does not support direct device connections - and changing or reprogramming of your application is impossible or not desired?

Smart Data Acquisition Middleware

The data acquisition software TWedge solves this problem in an elegant, cost-effective and flexible way. This software wedge operates as background application (like the system clock), receives device data automatically and forwards it to applications via multiple methods:

  • as virtual key-strokes (keyboard wedge function)
  • direct entry in data-bases (ODBC) or
  • as file (direct file read/write)

RS232 (Serial Port), Bluetooth®, USB, TCP/IP

TWedge supports all devices connected via the serial interface (RS232), TCP/IP, Bluetooth® or USB (virtual COM) interface. Device connections are bi-directional, thus this data acquisition software can also send control commands to the connected device or poll it on a regularly base.

Direct Database Access or Keyboard Wedge

This software wedge supports direct database access (ODBC, read/write), file operations (read/write), basic user interactions (e.g. MessageBox) and of course keystroke and function key simulation (keyboard wedge).

Integrated Scripting

The software wedge TWedge provides a completely new, script based approach offering maximum flexibility: The functionality of TWedge is adjusted easily to all requirements, even application logic can be scripted with the integrated JavaScript® engine.

It is just a matter of minutes to implement an automatic data-collection system for scanners, scales, controllers, electronic gauges, RFID or WiFi controllers, access control systems, medical devices and much more.


Keyboard Wedge Software Videos

Watch the product videos of our data acquisition software (YouTube)!

Data Acquisition Middleware

RS232, RS485
COM, Serial



DAQ for Databases

DAQ for Web Applications

DAQ for ERP Systems

TWedge at a Glance

Serial Interfaces & TCP/IPTWedge communicates with devices in a bi-directional way. These devices are connected locally (serial interface - RS232, RS485, USB, Bluetooth®) or via TCP/IP.
Native Bluetooth®TWedge connects directly to Bluetooth® devices (without the need for virtual COM-ports!). Lost or interrupted Bluetooth connections are restored automatically.
ScriptingTWedge can be scripted completely: The integrated JavaScript® engine was extended with functions for database operations, file access, keystroke and function key simulation, application control and much more.
Use-Case Templates Ready-to-use scripts for common data acquisition scenarios (e.g. keyboard wedge) are provided.
Database AccessCollected data can be entered directly into databases (ODBC database access).
File AccessDirect read/write file access from within the data acquisition script.
Hotkey SupportThe adjustable hot key can be used to perform arbitrary data collection functions (e.g. querying a connected device for data).
Timer SupportData acquisition tasks may be performed on a regularly base (device polling, device triggering).
Keyboard WedgeReceived data can be converted into virtual keystrokes (keyboard wedge functionality). Keyboard simulation is available for all function keys and control keys (e.g. TAB, Alt, Ctrl, Enter, F1, ...). The automatic selection of the correct input field in the target application (setting the focus) is supported.
Application ControlThe data acquisition script can be used to start applications or to bring them into the foreground. Depending on device data or on other values (e.g. a database lookup) the collected data can be redirected to different applications.
Data LoggingTWedge is also a powerful data logging software: The automatic data logging feature enables you to archive received device data for reporting or debugging requirements.
Background OperationTWedge can be operated as minimized application in the task bar (like the system clock). It does not influence other applications.
Binary DataTWedge is able to handle all control characters like NUL (0-Byte), SOH, STX, DC1, FS, GS, etc.
Enterprise DeploymentDistribution and deployment of configuration files for this keyboard software wedge is extremely easy and safe. If required configuration files are encrypted and password protected.
Operating SystemsWindows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Embedded based on Windows XP and Windows Embedded POSReady.

For Windows Mobile and Windows CE check out the Mobile Keyboard Wedge TWedgeCE.



I want to tell you how pleased we are with your product. It has worked without interruption for us once we configured it for our purpose.

Jeff Myrick - National Force Calibrations Plus, LLC

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