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TBarCode/X: Barcode Software for UNIX®, Linux® and Mac OS X®

TBarCode/X is a bar code generator software designed for UNIX®, Linux® and OS X® systems. The extensive barcode software package contains a spool system filter, a command line tool and a shared library for developers.



Download Barcode Software for Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X - TBarCode/XOnline Barcode Generator

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for linear (1D) Codes

Barcode Software for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X

Barcode Generator for Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux

TBarCode/X offers users, administrators and software developers versatile bar code printing functionality on Linux, UNIX and OS X operating systems.

TBarCode/X creates all common bar codes - linear, 2D codes and GS1 DataBar (RSS) - in highest quality.

This bar code software is used in the following areas:

Barcode Spool Filter

PostScript® Printer


ERP Systems®


Barcode Spoolfilter for Printing Server

With TBarCode/X each PostScript® or PCL® compatible printer is immediately enhanced with barcode printing. This is achieved by hooking up TBarcode/X in the printer queue on system level. This can be done with all spool systems like LPR, LPRng, CUPS, XPrint, etc.

Thus the barcode software TBarCode/X may be transparently combined with ERP systems and applications like SAP® ERP, R/3® or Oracle®.


  • The barcode creation is done automatically during spooling/printing
  • No special bar code printers required
  • No further hardware extensions (like barcode DIMMs or SIMMs) or barcode fonts necessary
  • No additional costs per printer or for replacement printers
  • Post-processing requirements like faxing, emailing etc. can be fulfilled
  • Unified control sequences for barcodes
  • Customizable to individual needs

Barcode Library


Shared Library

Shared Library for Software Developers

LibTBarCode is an extensive program library for bar code generation in Bitmap, PostScript/EPS and PCL format. This shared library is directly integrated into your software or can be used via the tbarcode command line tool.

The TBarCode/X barcode software enhances conventional (client or server based) applications as well as web applications (PHP, Perl, Java...) with a powerful "bar code engine".

Cross platform applications can be developed with LibTBarCode in an elegant manner. With a few exceptions, the API is compatible with TBarCode DLL, our Barcode Library for Windows.

In our barcode software download area you will find prepared binaries for current platforms. If you are interested in a specific platform, please contact us. If possible, we provide a suitable "build" for you.



All Barcodes

Spool Filter

Highlights of the Barcode Software at a Glance

Save your moneyUse barcode technique with your existing printers!
Save your timeAvoid time-consuming configuration of cryptic font escape sequences
Create all common barcodesLinear standard barcodes, 2D codes with high data capacity (QR-Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, MaxiCode...), the new GS1 DataBar and EAN.UCC Composite Symbology.
No reprogrammingTBarCode can be easily integrated into your existing applications.
Device independentBarcodes can be printed with all printers supporting PostScript or PCL.
Ready-to-use spool filterThe delivered spool filter turns your existing printers into a full-featured bar code printer. All spool systems available on the market can be upgraded with the barcode printing functionality (e.g. LPR, LPRng and CUPS).
Image or vector graphicsSave bar codes to disk in bitmap formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG) or as vector graphic (EPS, PCL, PDF).
Barcode libraryThe included shared library enables software developers to create powerful bar code applications (client, server, web).



If only every company had support as good as you life would be a lot easier. That was the problem and the fix. Many thanks for your prompt help.

Kenn Martin (Senior Developer) - Domino UK Ltd

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